Saturday, June 28, 2008

Angel's Heaven - Mission Statement

This is a copy of a recent proposal my friend Amrit, the director of the Angel's Heaven orphanage, handed over to me. Attached to it was a sheet with a breakdown of the annual expenses, which I'll be posting later.

Contributors can send donations by 1. Credit card, 2. PayPal, 3. Bank transfer (Finnish and Indian accounts), or 4. Western Union. Contact me for details. Otherwise, visitors can give cash on visiting or contact Amrit for further details.

Angel’s Heaven Nepal
Child at Risk Rescue and Care Foundation — Since 1999

Govt. Regd.: CR No. 5, CDO No. 1598, SWC No. 22728
Mailing address: Post Box No. 8975 EPC-1104
Tel: 470-0718
Mobile: 985-102-6344

Mission Statement

Angel’s Heaven - Children at Risk, Rescue and Care Foundation

Nepal is an underdeveloped country with a total population of 25 million per capita income per year of USD 240. The total literacy rate is 28%.

Since 1996 Nepal is suffering from civil war. Due to this reason, orphans are increasing and a large number of population cannot afford education and health care for their children.

Angel’s Heaven is a child care home formed in 1999, working towards giving homeless and orphans an opportunity for a safe life and a good future. The organization is committed to help children who are socially neglected and rejected in the society. The orphanage is aimed towards providing an atmosphere full of love, respect and kindness towards each other.

Started with one child from eastern Nepal in 1999, by 2002 the organization was looking after 12 children. Currently with 20 children from the age group of 5-15, Angel’s Heaven emphasizes on providing proper education and better future for the children. We believe in raising the children in a manner so they grow up to be independent, great individuals.

Angel’s Heaven is a non-profit, non-political, independent organization with a vision to serve disadvantaged children by providing basic necessities and globally recognized education.

Angel’s Heaven is self-supported organization funded by its 7 members to their best ability in a country where 82 percent of the population is living in villages and mountains. This is a small attempt to obtain financial support to help us improve the current lifestyle and education support for our children. By your small help, we can save their lives.

Our mission is to provide safe, healthy and better life to under-privileged children from various parts of Nepal.

We urge you to support these needed children. Your support can help them become responsible individuals, creating a better tomorrow.

Few of the many ways you can support:
  • You can sponsor food, clothing, and medical requirements for an individual child or for all the children.
  • You can sponsor education for an individual child or a group
  • You can provide charity funding for the orphanage for various activities assisting our children
  • You can help by purchasing land or supporting in construction of accommodation/school
  • You can volunteer to teach English or music to our children

Long term objectives
  • Angel’s Heaven aspires to use land owned by Mr. Amrit Bikram Shahi (St. Angel) to construct a larger, permanent facility where more children can be accommodated.
  • The next priority is a school where we can educate all our children and also assist the poor and helpless by providing free education.
  • We intend to open a free dispensary / health centre to support the unfortunate people who suffer due to lack of money and education.


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