Friday, June 27, 2008

Free Rice

Another excellent program, where you can contribute towards a good cause for free with just a little bit of effort (and brush up on your vocabulary!).


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Dorian said...

Yo! My name is Dorian and I'm reaching out to world-conscious blogs. I noticed that you blogged about free rice, and I'm working with a small startup called Avanoo that is developing a similar concept. By going to our site ( and putting one of many badges on your blog, every time someone clicks that badge, a dollar is donated by a corporate sponsor to the non-profit!

We're still in beta, but we wanted to spread the word as much as possible. If you can help us show others how, together, bloggers and web users can raise funds and awareness for good causes by using our collective power, I'd really appreciate it. Maybe you'll even blog about us!

Thanks for your time,

Dorian Bertsch
Outreach Coordinator
Avanoo, Inc.

PS If you would like to visit our website please visit

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