Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jijaji is an Osho lover!

In reference to the previous blog, Pretty Woman, my pal jijaji just sent me a note, asking me to tell the fanatics he is an Osho lover. And that we quasi-tantric, rugged punks get the best chicks of the block.

There's a Finnish pop-song from the 80s, "Miksi naiset aina rakastuvat renttuihin?" — "Why do Women Always Fall in Love with Rats". (Juliet Jonesin sydän)
"They fall in love with long-haired hoodlums,
deceptive wanderers,
And cloud castle builders,
dreaming work-avoiders..."
That's pretty full on to the mark I suppose...
"And that is what worries me,
That worries me with this,
What's gonna happen to us good men..."
A friend of mine, Bikram, is actually running a branch of an Osho-center here in Thamel, Kathmandu. I need to spend more time with him, he's a gem of a person. He's been inviting me to come and participate in the programs he is doing.

I have never really checked Osho out. I need to grab a book or two and give them a read. Even if I've never gotten the impression of his being overly profound, I like radical thinkers. And Osho qualifies for one.

Rock on, Ananda! Or so he told me...

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