Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Care and Attention

So many men - so little time. How can I lose?
So many men - so little time. How can I choose?
They tell me I'm up to no good
I should just settle down...

But I don't wanna stay with just one man
I wanna sample what's around.
Feels like I'm in heaven every night
being here with someone new...

With apologies to everyone affected by infrequent communications. The universe is so vast and full of curiosities, and I'm just a petit petit baba sometimes too lost in the flow...

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Billy Bob das said...

If you haven't done so yet, you need to get yourself a good supply of high grade LSD, take four doses a day for about a month and get your head back on straight.
I know you are hurting inside.
Maybe you have good cause and I am very sorry about that.

I expect after you get back from your stint in the Finnish prison for evading military service, you will re-ignite your Hari-bhakti and place your head at the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu - the only guru you really need.

love ya Madhava...
get 'er done.... but always use protection!!!!!

happy trails pilgrim

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