Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Infrequentia Commedia

Art is a bizarre way of exploring your subconscious mind. The other day, my notepad started filling up with curious sketches, one stranger than the other, tying together into a small tale. Tale of a journey to the farther shore of emptiness.

Increasing perception of emptiness can come across as a very disorienting experience. It's as if one were born into a strange new world, a world where nothing is quite the same it used to be.

It's as if a strange brew of entheogenic herbs had been prepared in the lady viper's cauldron. The world comes across as radically different, a transfiguration of mind and matter unfolds before our very eyes.

Re-examining the validity of existential premises including the very reality of ego itself, the conglomerating agent of human experience, can lead to a period of confused identity.

The ego, once so glamorous and proud, disintegrates and resolves itself, leaving the unlabeled interdependent phenomena reposing in their own essential nature. Ah, ego, that facade, the pestilence of worlds!

This new reality of emptiness-cum-fullness blows socks off the feet of even profound philosophers and mighty meditators. The expansion of consciousness stretches beyond one's wildest imaginations.

Equipped with vivid experience of reality au naturel and the co-arising wisdom, one descends towards the highest heavens of nirvana. It really is a journey nowhere, a journey that must stop before it starts to reach its objective.

But the journey is odd indeed. It's as if the very fabric of the universe were poked full of holes, revealing dimensions where the laws of conditioned existence no longer apply.

Unweaving the dense and intricate web of karma is a mission impossible by mending individual karmas. One must destroy the efficient root principles to accomplish summary karmic resolution.

Going too high and too fast can lead into delirious states. Yet madness can be profoundly true and impactful, heard from a true baul from the land of shunyata. Crazy wisdom they call it, unconvential twists in a world of conventions.

Inability to cope with the disorientation and the necessary holistic renewal of the psyche can easily lead to neurosis. We're playing with fire, ladies and gentlemen. This is not a drill.

Nature seeks to resolve itself. Step off the grid, let the universe flow its way. Orient yourself to the dharma matrix. The distracting ego dissipated, harmony prevails in a world of chaos.


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