Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lady Lovely Locks

sweet lady lovely locks, i place you in a locket
i travel to the heavens, i fly without a rocket
i cross the seven seas of yore, i dive the ocean deep
i pluck the moonsphere like a flower, lest my lady weep

i journey to the forest dark, i climb the magic vine
i wander to the spring of love, i taste the passion wine
i feel the nature's tender breeze, i hear the breath of winds
i hear the cuckoo's mating call, i wonder what he finds

come dance with fairies, lady love, our magic mountain calls
come savor champagne jubilee, in dreams one walks through walls
come wander cross our heartlands vast, in hues of crimson deep
come take a sip of honey dew, taste tender dreamy sleep

we'll journey past imagination, cross the human space
we'll merge within the fifth dimension, fly in frenzied grace

we'll kiss the lips of distant past, travel times unseen

we'll warp the fabric of the worlds, bend timey spacey screens

rainbow as our mistletoe, nature our kaleidoscope
milky way a string of pearls I weaved with strands of hope
emptiness our dancing hall, maestro in angel blue

oh dally in the universe i built with love for you...

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