Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Lady's Bluebells

whence cometh the shining,
whence cometh the silent midnight breeze?
whence cometh the heaven's comets,
whence the prophet's tale of god?

thence, my lady, come the seeds of love and grace
thence the bluebells, tender, sweet and soft
thence the wonders, sparks of mother great divine
thence the pixie dust, ambrosial rains of heaven's flavor

whence cometh the shadows,
whence cometh the berserk, savage rage?
whence cometh the lords of pandemonium,
whence the darkness of the human mind?

thence, my lady, grow the roots of fear and terror
thence the eerie shrieks of darkest night
thence the devils, rays of samael the dark
thence the night of devastation, wrath and fury of demise.

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Red Stripe Beer said...

She must have been a hottie!!

Still basking in the warmth?
You lucky dog!

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