Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parsing the metaphysicists - I

A journey across the metaphysicist's evolving mindscape runs approximately as follows.

Contemplations, the womb of the metaphysicist's vision. Mastications, transforming the theoretic conceptual into the absorbed conceptual. Supranormal celebrations, the unfolding dance of infinite possibilites. Revelations, rising in holy immersion in the dance. Dissertations, visionary expressions on the temporal plane. Precognitive flagellations, pre-emptive lashes on the back of the deceptive and emerging under-self.

Distributed good vibrations, holy root of celebrations. Antithetic vindications, prosecuting the delusive drive. Germinating supplications, discovering the need for opening. Obfuscated formulations, overflows of visionary information and the crisis of verbal expression.

Epistemic exhortations, calls for revisiting existential knowledge-bases. Meta-conscious demonstrations, the evident transfiguration following insight-awareness. Luminated thought-formations, lucid perceptions penetrating darkness. Sacramental elongations, extended relish of the new-found wonder-worlds.

To be continued at an unknown future time.


Hop Sing said...

sacramental elongations
helps to grow the expectations
maya goes on no vacations
leaves you with your masturbations

Ananda said...

sir i do no masturbation
forgo manual calibration
i celibate in times of need
and celebrate at times indeed

i made myself a kaupin set
ebony black, une belle baskette
so don't you cry of elongations —
transmutate your compellations

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