Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pixie Train

take a train to pixie lands
pack the flowers, magic sands
mount the wings of silver strands
kiss the one who understands

magic of the autumn moon
lushness of the late monsoon
beauty of the deep lagoon
eating with a silver spoon

lounging under ancient shrines
pixie trails on magic vines
apple blossom redesigns
bathing in the sapphire shines

traveling in submarines
cookies made of nectar beans
cross the time-space beyond dreams
dancing in the solar beams

savoring the magic potion
delirium, deep emotion
spontaneous locomotion
tripping on the wizard lotion

buddha-fields and levitation
atmospheric adaptation
enigmatic rumination
fundamental permutation

how i long to be
in the pixie land
how i long to dance
in the pixie sand

how i wish to be
in a pixie tree
how i wish to eat
every pixie treat

how i hope to be
in a pixie trance
how i hope to have
one more pixie chance

how i meant to be
in a pixie dream
how i meant to swim
every pixie stream

how i transmutate
how i modulate
how i procreate
how i break my crate

in the heaven of pixies
in the garden of light
in smoothie delight


Viraja Bhumi said...

So much talent.
Who would have guessed?
Ananda Baba can be anything he wants to be, that is except of course - a Vaishnava.

Ananda said...

I think I can handle that. I'll become a whirling dervish instead.

Curious Person said...

Ananda said...

"I think I can handle that. I'll become a whirling dervish instead."

July 25, 2008 5:19 AM

[end quote]

What would capture my imagination would be if you became a very serious and accomplished practitioner of a true spiritual discipline like Hatha-yoga as opposed to the atheistic Buddhist sect.

I would love to hear your reports and experiences with the accomplished hatha-yoga teachers in India.

This Buddhism tangent lacks substance.
You and I both know modern Buddhism is a flowery fraud.

If you weren't a lazy intellectual you would adopt a real spiritual system like Hatha-yoga.

Buddhism is a joke.
We both know that.

Dhyan Moksha said...

Atheistic is not a proper term to attach to Buddhism, non-theistic is closer but also non-atheistic as well.

However, I don't see Ananda going for any type of 'ism' like cage, but freedom, like a bird on the wing, a bird cannot soar trapped in a cage.

Dhyan Moksha

Ananda said...

While I have tremendous respect for a great plurality of spiritual disciplines, I am at this point no longer interested in committing myself to a particular orthodoxy at all. It's too much of a trip with all the guru business, the fundamentalists and the rest for me to cope with. There are limits to how much shit I can put up with.

However I do plan to spend six months studying with an old Tamang shaman master next time I come to Nepal in 2009. I haven't written of him yet. It will be interesting.

Your knowledge of Buddhism is obviously very limited, Curious Person.

Curious Person said...

Ananda Baba said:

"I am at this point no longer interested in committing myself to a particular orthodoxy at all."

[end quote]

But, does one really need to commit to an orthodox form of any religion in order to accept the basic theological doctrine of any given theistic conception?

I certainly do not practice or follow any orthodoxy of any kind, but that does not restrict me from accepting and embracing a favorite form of theistic conception

Orthodoxy seems to be the progeny of as you say "the guru business", which is indeed a plague on many religions of the world.

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