Wednesday, July 2, 2008

South India Plans

I'm planning an upcoming journey across southern India, spanning over a month and a half from Mumbai to Kanyakumari. However, feedback from travelers more experienced with the south, spots of particular interest, is much needed. Please leave your comments!

View South India at Google Maps.


-> Mumbai. The third largest state of India by size and the second largest by population.

-> Nasik. A pilgrimage center on the way towards Aurangabad.

-> Ajanta and Ellora. Buddhist caves - a complex of rock-cut caves representing some of the best of early Buddhist art.

-> Pune. Cultural capital of Maharashtra, Osho headquarters.


-> Hampi. The ruins of Vijayanagara Empire are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

-> Goa requires few introductions.

-> Gokarna. A small pilgrimage town on the coast, beautiful beaches.

-> Udupi. The ancient Madhva headquarters.

-> Mangalore. Headquarters of southern Karnataka.

-> Mysore. An ancient city with much to see.

-> Bandipur National Park A 890sq km wildlife sanctuary.

-> Bylakupee. The largest Tibetan settlement outside of Tibet. Namdroling monastery.


Kerala I am very unfamiliar with… Kovalam beach? =) Help!

-> Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) - The Kerala capital.

Tamil Nadu

Tentatively just the south-western part of Tamil Nadu, no plans for heading up the coast towards Chennai for now… Even if there'd be much to see there, too.

-> Kanniyakumari (Cape Comorin). The southernmost tip of the Indian mainland.


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