Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Three Metaphysicists

contemplations, mastications, supranormal celebrations |
   revelations, dissertations, precognitive flagellations ||

distributed good vibrations, antithetic vindications |
   germinating supplications, obfuscated formulations ||

epistemic exhortations, meta-conscious demonstrations |
   luminated thought-formations, sacramental elongations ||

picking up the dandelions, jamming with the zion lions |
   waltzing through the autumn forest, life is but a celebration

celebration, indignation, charismatic rumination |
   in the whirlpool, dark emotions, starchy texture, glomeration ||

it is not-this, nor not-this-this, anamorphic fragmentation |
   emptiness of lucid dreaming, introspective sanitation ||

metaphysic exploration, transdimension excavation |
   tearing down the mind's creation, transbodhic emancipation

... and the three metaphysicists lived happily ever after ... ||

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