Saturday, August 2, 2008

Angel's Heavenly Choir - Video - Part 1

The following is the first part — in the daylight — of the Angel's Heavenly Choir performance at Kathmandu Durbar Square. 10 minutes at YouTube.

And here's a link to the YouTube page, too.


Up in Smoke... said...

Hippies juggling?
Where are the mimes?

Looks familiar but missing the tie-dyed t-shirts.

Are you sure my donation won't be used to buy ganja?

Ananda said...

We wanted to do a combo concert to draw in more audience. Most of those guys just showed up around the program, they aren't actually doing work in the orphanage itself. We were very happy to have them participate.

I have also not worked that much directly with the children, aside playing and chatting with them when I'm around — I've kept the focus on stuff I know, which is media production, websites, promotions, organization, yadda yadda and so on.

All donations have been strictly given to the orphanage and primarily for food. Next Wednesday I will again chip in a 5000 Rs. donation as I receive some funds myself. I have personally donated 10000+ to date from money I don't really have.

We have a great number of concepts on the table for future fund raising. I haven't written of them yet, partly owing to lack of time and partly because we want to develop the concepts a bit further before putting them out before the public.

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