Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Angel's Heavenly Choir - Video - Part 2

The following is the second part — in the night — of the Angel's Heavenly Choir performance at Kathmandu Durbar Square. 10 minutes at YouTube.

People who made all this possible:

Orphanage staff and volunteers

Orphanage parents: Amrit Bikram Shahi (St. Angel) and his wife Aishvarya, who bear the loving responsibility for the children since 1999.

Administrator and Coordinator: Kim Morton, United Kingdom, living at the orphanage as a resident volunteer.

Website, artwork and marketing: Ananda Loponen, Finland, working with the Universal Peace Foundation.
Website, painting, help with children: Manue, France, also with the UPF.

Filming, art with children: Claire and Tom, Australia.
Filming and editing: Raina, Austria, working on a wonderful DVD of the event and the orphanage.

Artwork and promotion: Bashkor and Shani, Bangladesh, sketched together excellent illustrations.
Resident volunteer: Emily, France, helped with the children.
English teacher: Jimpa, Tibet, is teaching the children.
Financial support: Craig and John, South Africa, donated the event banner and food for the children.
Organizing the children: Shiva and Prakash, Nepal.


Fire dance and music: Masa and Rio.
Juggling and entertainment: Alex and friends, France.
Didgeridoo and djembe: Bikash and Binod, Nepal.
Singing and drums: Bashu and friends, Nepal.

A big thank you to everyone involved! Thanks to your untiring efforts, the orphanage has now been put on the map of Kathmandu!


Happy Hophead said...

Nothing like uplifting the poor with Fire dances and juggling hippies.

This is what their souls hanker for.
The real inner necessity of all souls of for fire dancing and juggling hippies.

Keep up the good work!!!

Ananda said...

What, we should all dress in dhoti and tilak, chant Hare Krishna and sell budget samosas or something?

Some nuances of the "charity concert" concept may have gone missing for you... People want entertainment, so we blend in entertainment and charity.

A bit back there was another similar event that was bundled with wide-scale local garbage collection. You have a good time, you help advance good things. Sounds pretty good to me!

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