Thursday, August 14, 2008

House at Radha-kunda - Sold

This property has been sold.

Devotees wishing to migrate to the most sacred corner of Braja Mandala will be happy to know of a beautiful spot and a house at Radhakund. Built in the spring of 2007, the house, with 220 square yards of land and a beautiful garden with good soil and sweet water is located a five minute walk away from the sacred ponds, near the water tanks.

The walled property is located on a walled area developed by Pal Babu, an elderly Bengali gentleman, investor and a long-time devotee. Ideal for devotees owing to strict standards on to whom the land is sold, you can expect to live in a peaceful environment full of devotees, aloof from the often chaotic local suburbs, protected by heavy three-meter walls and a high iron gate.

The house consists of a kitchen, a bedroom, a basement, and an external toilet-bathroom combo, total building area being around 80+ y2. There's space for building a 12 y2 room atop the large basement, a blessing in the hot summer season. The basement needs to be revamped to handle the peak of the rainy season. No pipes or water pumps have been installed, but aren't a major expense if you need a bit of extra convenience. We've been quite content with the hand pump!

Purchased in November 2005 for 1200 Rs / y2, the price has soared to double in two and half years, and can be easily expected to double again in the next two years. The land market is hot at the moment — in a few years prices will be in the Vrindavan range and good locations hard to find.

The property is modestly priced at 900,000 INR or 14,000 EUR in a place where surrounding areas of land has still a steeper price. Possibilities for payment in installments are available — ask me or make a suggestion!

Pictures of the house and a Google Map are available at my Picasa Web Albums: . A good aerial view of the area is available at Vraja Journal:

Further inquiries may be sent to and (please include both). Malati is currently living in the house and available to show it around for interested visitors.


Babawatcher said...

Maybe one of your Buddhist members of your Buddhist blog will buy your house at Radha kunda?

Sounds like a great deal!

Babawatcher said...

So, Madhava, what do you think?
Can you really build a bhajan kutir at Radha kunda out of blocks and mortar.
Or, must it be built with suddha bhakti?
Apparently, the kutir built with dollars and cement blocks is not a permanent abode at Radha kunda.

Ananda said...

Obviously one needs more than bricks and finances for that. I once hoped that the kutir would serve as a base amidst holy men with whom I could journey towards pure devotion... You all know the rest of the story.

For those wondering where will Malati live, and so forth — the bare and unavoidable fact of the matter is that we have somewhere in the range of a bit over 10,000 euro debt both to friends and financial institutions, the former taken in my name and the latter legally in my name.

I have offered to sell half of the house for her at a very base price and payment in installments, in addition to other concessions, but that doesn't seem to be happening, and we both are finally in agreement over this. I just cannot take 10+K debts for myself in the name of being nice and courteous, or whatever else people might expect of me.

It's my life, and I need to move on. Moving on again necessitates winding up the past obligations one way or the other — but they need to be winded up sooner than later! I don't really care to drag around in the GV world where people seem keen on shoveling in loads of stool in worship of the place I stand at. Trust me, I'll be every bit as happy to move on as you will once I am done with all pending business.

Babawatcher said...

Ananda wrote:
"I don't really care to drag around in the GV world where people seem keen on shoveling in loads of stool in worship of the place I stand at."

-end quote-

Could you explain what you mean by that?
Loads of stool in worship of the place you stand?
What does that mean?

Babawatcher said...

Myself, I am very disgusted with the Hare Krishna movement, many of the people and the overall situation of the Hare Krishna people all over the world.
I haven't been to the temple in probably 4 years and I live real close to it.
So, I can appreciate your disgust.
But, I still cling to the Krishna conception, even though I am repulsed by the Hare Krishna movement and what is has become.

Certainly, there are many things and many people in the Hare Krishna cult which are a big turn off.
But, some of us can't reject Krishna even though we have come to reject the Hare Krishna movement.

Maybe your approach of just rejecting it all is more noble.

Babawatcher said...

My idea is that one should not stay at Radha kunda long enough to require the passing of stool or urine.

I couldn't imagine taking a shit at Radha kunda.

I have been there.
But, I didn't stay so long that I had to take a shit or go piss.

I went back to Raman Reti to pinch a loaf and water my horse.

So, I guess I wont be buying your house at Radha kunda.

Babawatcher said...

Oh, by the way, tell Santa Claus I said hey.
How is Rudolph doing these days?

Does Santa expect a smaller workload this Christmas due to the recession in the USA?

Babawatcher said...

Call home!!!

Your devoted fan club are all hanging on the edge of their computer chairs to hear your latest post.

Could it be that you have returned to Radhakunda to sell your house and fell into deep separation of love and given up your false body of ego and mind?

Please...... tell us it is so.

We love you Madhava.
We need you back in the Gaudiya world throwing rocks at the glass house of the Saraswata Gaudiyas.

Madhava ki-jaya!!!

Ananda said...

I did feel a sense of separation at Radhakund. I really did feel quite separate from the whole world there, and did a pretty good job staying aloof at that. It was a pleasant visit, that notwithstanding.

I'm tired of haggling with the Saraswatas from any kind of orthodox adversary position, and indeed from any position whatsoever. No doubt some related themes will be featured in my future writings once I eventually land in Europe, but I have no intentions into entertaining face-off dialogs with fundamentalists.

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