Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Magic Liniment

For everyone physically or mentally affected by the previous post, may I recommend a sip of Dr. De's Magic Liniment. Helps for all pains. Tested and proven by hundreds of Hare Krishnas world-wide, was a big hit in the 1950's.

I'd buy it! I'd sell it on the streets! I'd keep drinking it all day long... I'm sure it mixes well with charas and charanamrita.


Anonymous said...

Madhava, lighten up man, no one is stalking you, just having some fun. Hare Krishnas don't bite, you sortta lend yourself to it. Take a sip of that stuff yourself eh.

Fat Albert said...

Ananda Baba make a funny....haha...teehee... him a funny guy....
Maybe Ananda Baba could get some work as a stand-up comedian?

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