Saturday, August 9, 2008


embarking on a journey
a journey to the sky
on silver wings of angel craft
god taught me how to fly

whispers in the wilderness
in love with deep blue sky
i kiss the flower pollen sweet
to yonder worlds i fly

puzzled by the world of men
so different from my sky
concrete buildings, bars of steel
so sad, they'll never fly

nature is my summerlands
plants and sapphire sky
rosy gardens ruby red,
emerald fields to fly

a honey bee of innocence
a daughter of the sky
mother nature's virgin girl
so blissful when i fly...


Ananda said...

Maya The Bee

In Nepali, mAyA also means "love". =)

"Gaurasundara das" said...

Pretty neat. Do you write these poems yourself or copy them from somewhere?

If it's the former, I admire that. I couldn't compose verse to save my life! :)

Ananda said...

All originals. I am in the habit of doing doodles and verses together. Thanks!

Maya Prema Swami said...

Maya means "not this".
When asking what is reality, the Vedas reveal that in considering what is reality that in regards to the material energy it is "not this".

This blog is also maya because as far as what is reality it is "not this" blog - maya.

Ananda said...

It's all maya as long as there is plurality. Some choose to qualify their respective stratas with prefixes such as yoga-maya, but it's all maya...

Maya is as good or as bad as you make of it. But as long as you're dealing with something, you're weaving maya.

With the vast plurality of "etymological possibilities", there's little bearing such reference would carry. Yoga-maya would then be "connected not-this"... They see Krishna as not-god, and their perception is therefore "not-this". Then again, Krishna might also be "not-this".

Buddhist Bimbo said...

Ananda Baba said:
"Then again, Krishna might also be "not-this"."

-end quote-

Yes, Krishna is an illusion and Ananda Baba is reality.

It's a damn shame that Krishna has unlimited beautiful girls for his self and Ananda Baba has just one wacky hippie chick on his hand.

Ananda said...

Yea, I couldn't handle all that polygamy stuff that the Hare Krishnas promote, anyway... One chick at a time is quite plenty for me — even if the bulk of the audience here seems to want to see me establishing harems.

She, by the way, isn't a random hippie chick. She's like the most profound, beautiful, intelligent and elegant babe in the broad neighbourhood, and anyone who says otherwise is so totally in maya. Neener-neener-neener!

Ananda said...
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Porn star said...
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Sex Maniac said...
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Blowjob Baba said...
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Ananda said...

Commenting rights have now been limited to registered users only. I am about to travel, and the blog doesn't deserve to be a playground for obsessed anonymous degenerates. Apologies to all substantial commenters effected by the change.

Ananda said...

And an answer to one of the removed comments: Yes she does, but not from you. Okay?

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