Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Neurotic Background Choir

In Memoriam
Herr Trollson og Fru Stalkerson
og støjende familie

1980-2008 - Rest in Peace
it was a genuine pleasure to know you...

there has to be a neurotic background choir
immersed in resentment, cynicism and pessimism
confined in prisons of their own design.

deep pain dwells within their hearts
as they are desperately lashing out
in a hopeless, consuming quest for solace.
a life of freedom is never found in prisons!

one wonders, did some people go out for a cigarette
when god distributed joy and freedom at the dawn of creation;
told us to live and love in peace and harmony...

endless grumbling and moaning echoing
from crowded, dark cells of suppressed humanity
deprived of a sense of fundamental goodwill.

it really doesn't have to be that way —
but i suppose we all have our own destinies...

bodhicitta only dawns after a journey to the dark side;
a deep plunge into the darkest abyss of hell...
for only in hell is heaven's need understood
and only knowers of heaven and hell journey into nonduality
a tranquil base for unconditional joy and benevolence.

greetings to you, fair men and ladies of the neurotic choir!
i relish the moments of experience and exchange with you
brimming with curiosity, the scientist of the human mind that I am.

you haunt me, you fascinate me;
i have ran out of tears for you, i only watch
in awe of the deep sense of emptiness
i sense in your cacophonic melodies...


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