Sunday, August 3, 2008

Strange Meetings

walking down a west coast alley
i meet again that pretty girl in a miniskirt
seen her before, yes I have, yes i have
but i shouldn't talk, they told me it's no-no-good...

she's like really profound and cute
a shock leading to a grave brain disorder
i turn my back and walk quickly away
falling into amnesia, memories in oblivion...

years passed, water flowed under bridge
she went south, i traveled far-away east
walked through my hell, she walked beyond hers
but the winds of destiny are bizarre indeed...

strange meetings over strange media
rediscoveries, treasures long lost and buried
vivid, warm connections in deep heart strata
new sweet beginnings to old fairy tales...

wandering in green forests pristine and deep
crossing the ocean on pink river whales
mixing the stars into a gourmet cosmic salad
hello, my hobbit princess is here again!


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