Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Strange Ritual

Nocturnal bathing ritual of a Shiva-lingam made of roasted Tibetan barley, installed atop a half-empty, half-full Italian olive oil bottle under the idyllic shade of our rooftop banyan tree.

At YouTube.


Ananda said...

And our heartfelt apologies to the lady downstairs, who woke up to the screeching metal chairs we moved around, and who walked in right amidst the darkest ceremonies... I suppose we should have given her a double dose of Valium for a good night's sleep.

Nut Scratcher said...

This is good stuff.
Genitalia washing.
Just remember, if you wash it more than once you are playing with it.

Keep 'er clean!!

Dave said...

I imagine this will get the comments rolling - very David Lynch-ian of you!

Rock Pisser said...

What is that guy pissing on in that video?
Looks like somebody pissing on a smooth, tall rock.

Why are they pissing on that smooth, tall rock?

What kind of ritual is that?

buddha boy said...

Pissing on a shiva linga while smoking a joint shows your level of intelligence.

You wont last long in Nepal, just like you didnt last in india.

Keep asking people for donations for "kids" so you can buy some more drugs.

Ananda said...

How bizarre people's imaginations! It is water being poured on the lingam, cleansed with mudras and all. It was a wholly appropriate and respectful establishment and worship of a temporary deity. The ceremony was presided over by a green-eyed brahmana hailing from the Atri dynasty, a descendant of the Sapta-rishis.

People concerned about donations will be happy to know that I gave a donation of 8000 NRS of my own to the orphanage yesterday, along with donations sent by others.

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