Monday, September 22, 2008

Andaman Ananda

Most of our time at the Andamans so far has been spent relaxing and resting, we both took a pretty decent India crash with our health in the early September weather. Nice and cool hotel room, food from the hotel restaurant downstairs, cable TV and you're all set...

Last three nights have finally given both of us the kind of deep, almost comatose healing deep sleep you need to regain your health. Before that, most nights were half-slept and half lightly-slept, and not exactly our tickling each other all night long.

The environment and weather here are heavenly. Beautiful and totally perfect for what I need right now, and have in fact been needing for a long time now. It's "India Light" in a very scenic and functional setting, a very gentle climate and very pleasantly quiet.

We'll be spending a few more days at Port Blair, and then move onwards to cruising across the little islands around, and probably spending a bit more time at Little Andaman. I am under the assumption that there is no internet on the other islands.

Photos to follow if and when I get a chance to copy them over to a PC and sort them out. Guests interested in commenting can comment again.


Anonymous said...

What do you do now to maintain in your lifelyhood ?
You mentioned some welfare work... children, environment, exposing authoritarianism ? Aligned to which foundation ?

And what about hapiness ? Are you happy now and where are you on the inner-peace-barometer ?

I watched the movie "Into the wild" by Sean Penn and the guy seemed to be your kind of type (except for the hunting on animals).

Anyway, be carefull and stay alive, please !

Anonymous said...

What a peculiar comment.

How's the property market there? ;=)

Ananda said...

I have some scraps of money from here and there that help me get by -- for now. Much looking forward to getting the house sold, clearing off debts and so on.

Welfare work, I worked in Nepal with Angel's Heaven orphanage (mainly promo and technical stuff), Universal Peace Foundation (multi-purpose org., again similar stuff + management) and Unification Movement Nepal (mainly consulting), and touched base with a bunch of others.

On the inner peace barometer, I'm pretty high up there, at peace with myself and the environment. azAntasya kutaH sukham?

Noted down the movie... I'll check it out once I'm back on European soil. Incidentally, that should happen within a month. I'm quite good for now with my dose of magic masalas, some cool climate, peace and quiet, and functional working environment will feel heavenly for change... Especially quiet, did I say QUIET already?

Baba fan club president said...

When do you start your prison term for avoiding the military service in Finland?
Will you have any internet access from there?
You will be doing 6 months in prison?

Ananda said...

Hey, the current plan is to avoid the sentence for avoiding military... Underground until the end of 2010 that is, when the charges expire. Location undisclosed. =)

Basse said...

Hope you both are well and happy.

Sama myös suomeksi.

Anonymous said...

azAntasya kutaH sukham?

yes, Srila Prabhupada purport is somewhat different from others, of course; more explicit or narrowly-focussed.
Even Visvanatha Chakravarti's is not as explicit.

Anonymous said...

anything is possible with lubrication!

Anonymous said...

your ex-wife is telling everyone at Radha Kunda that you have micro-penis and that is why she got rid of you?

Ananda said...

Yea, I heard about that. They tell me she's just walking around showing my photo and a minuscule carrot to make her point. Can't talk during a full Chaturmasya mauna.

The last two comments don't really even qualify for being deleted. So sorry, Mister Johnson. You'll have to brush up on your trolling skills. Try "Trolling for Dummies" (2007 edition) by Kshama B. Uddhington.

Anonymous said...

Anon can joke about it, but it is interesting to talk about freely.
I was a celibate for 1 year (jerked of 3 times feeling superguilty and I wet my dhoti 10 times or so while sleeping for as far as I remember and held count). 2 additional years I lived as a hypocrite meaning I just pretended to follow regulative principles, my actual outlet was total hardcore. Talking about creating dissociation in yourself !!!?

Now that I do not feel guilty about sex anymore my interest in hardcore decreased dramatically, I actually have sex out of love now...
Don't get me wrong, once in a while I still buy some XXXrated tapes as a matter of habit, but I don't meditate on it all day long like in the old days of trying to be a celibate.

I also had a 'only-sex-for children-marriage' for 4 months or so. I broke up (took babaji-vesh) because I had the feeling she had 100 children in mind, total mantra, total tantra ! No drop of semen in my body to think normally anymore.

Religious moral on sex seems somehow to do just the opposite..... that is, it seems to create perversity

What are your ideas on this ?

To not endanger my present position as a celibate sannyasi with disciples I choose to remain anonymous, but I am not the other one spreading the rumour of you having a micropenis.

PS. Maybe you should place a photograph on your blog to prove them wrong....

Mr. Miagi said...

I was testing your sense of humor with the micro-penis jab. You passed. That shows some intelligence. But, you were more interesting when you were the prodigal ISKCON renegade preaching raganunga bhakti and changing gurus like most of us change underwear.

manue said...

hey Ananda,

just to send some love to you and your danish lady.
I am glad to hear all goes well, even if sick. sickness in that part of the world seeming like one of the prices to pay for all the other happiness we get.

Here, waiting for sister's baby, which should come any day.

Lots of love and good things to you.
Oh yeah, and to say how glad we met, you truly are one coll dude:)

Flower Girl said...

Damn, I was hoping to get my sidddha-pranali from you some day. Does this mean that my dream has been shattered? "If" you came back to the Hare Krishna cult in the future, who do you think you would accept as your next guru?

Vitamin K said...

I heard you left a string of broken hearts and ruptured hymens in Nepal like some kind of modern day Casanova? Do you ever worry about karmic reaction anymore or do you think that you will become a non-entity at the time of death?

Ananda said...

Manue -- Thanks! Was mutually wonderful, our meeting. More in e-mail, writing to you shortly. Love to you too, to your sister (I still remember the webcam belly!!) and the newcomer!


Flowergirl -- Please contact me over e-mail and include a photo of yourself. I'm sure we can work out a siddha-pranali arrangement to meet your needs.

I would probably just be self-effulgent if I were to return to the orthodox fold once more.


Vitamin K -- Your sources are wrong, once again. First of all, I don't do virgins. Second of all, I don't break things. That's about as much philosophy as my heart has for you today.

Anonymous said...

Whats this sexual discrimination? You wouldnt give siddha pranali to males only to cute flowergirls? How come? :)

Ananda said...

Some have a firm latent potential for gopi-bhava. Others, like truck drivers and punk rockers, are generally more suited to other relationships.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the pop culture enthusiasts, with their youtubhav an'all.

Speaking of the real world, purple mansion kind of quiet these days eh?

What happened, you think?

Krishna Consciousness finally, totally, successfully, justly exposed?

Repercussioned off?

How do you feel?



Anonymous said...

What a lot of rubbish, and obnoxious...people.

@ anonymous sannyasi with disciples:

I don't suppose that's true, but thanks anyway, for the reminder to stay away from iskcon "sanyasis."

" Religious moral on sex seems somehow to do just the opposite..... that is, it seems to create perversity "

No, it was there in the first place. ("Seems" being the key word. )

> What are your ideas on this ?

Are you serious.

Swami sackshitananda said...

What is your next web site project going to be called now? Half-devotee?

Ananda said...

"What is your next web site project going to be called now? Half-devotee?"

Whatever makes you think I could possibly ever get the figure up to 50%? Bloop is good, good is bloop.

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