Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gangsta Man

This is Ice-T
I'ma slow it down for a minute
I wanna talk to all the ladies out there
I got my man J-e-ll in the house
I got a message I wanna send out to all the fly ladies, yeah
Check me out

It's time for me to kick game
And if I can't do it, then ladies, Ice ain't my name
Now real brothers ain't easy to understand
And it's a long hard road to become a man

Drama seeks and chases him through every year
His homie dies, you might see him shed a tear
But mostly hardcore feelings are all you see
Cause you gotta be raw to be called a gee

But every man slows down
You'll see this side when there's probably no one around
And there's no safer place
Than if you ever are some gee's homebase
But it ain't easy, these brothers got barricades around the hearts
It's gonna take time before the trust starts

But girl, you must be true
Cause if your man's a gee, he'll definitely die for you
Look him deep in his eyes, let him know you're there
Show him that you really care
Trust me, you move with time
Through the darkened halls of his mind
You just might find

The me inside of a gangsta.


— Ice-T: "Inside of a Gangsta"


Swami Sackshitananda said...

We need another Free John. The world already has enough pay toilets. When you finally find yourself, your momma will tell you to get your hand out of your pajamas.

freedom fighter II said...

Yeah right on !

Ananda is back and good at it.

BTW Amazing picture !

Swami Sackshitananda said...

Real men wear tattered blue jeans. What is with this Hindu robe stuff? You will never make it in Bollywood dressing like a Hindu.

shiva said...


white boy, you're gangsta like my 3 year old niece is gangsta.


from the OG

Yogi Bear said...

You are strangely starting to take on the appearance of a fly. Is this any indication of your future incarnation? A fly in Hindu robes? Now that is one for the science fiction writers - like your good self. Maybe you should lose the robes for some spandex? Comb your hair back like James Dean and ride a motorcycle around the holy land?

Ananda said...

As gangsta as a fly can be and be me. And for thee, shiva-jee, a cup of tea, from the sea, all from me, to be free.

For future incarnations, I have one scheduled in a John the Baptist styled avatar paving way for the second coming of Dr. Snuggles, an anthropomorphic platypus with a reverse-engineered super swirl tail. Going is good, hey?

Jake Jones said...

We are all waiting for some pics of you on your water skis behind a cigar boat speeding down the Ganga with your kaupins on and a joint hanging out your mouth.

Raga Saga Blogga said...

I heard you were trying to raise money for a water-slide at Radhakunda? Where can we donate to this great cause?

Anonymous said...

by the way that is a really nice song by Ice-T:

Anandas new "style and all that" is something that i personaly appreciate, because it takes a lot of courage to run away from dogmatic and orthotoxic-path and simply trust more on ones inner "Self" as a teacher. props to Ananda. peace out!

Anonymous said...

Impure Synchonicity in Raja Guna
(Folly of the Sage and Shaman)

Formentara Lady

Houses iced in whitewash guard a pale shore-line
Cornered by the cactus and the pine.
Here I wander where sweet sage and strange herbs grow
Down a sun-baked crumpled stony road.

Dusty wheels leaning rusting in the sun;
Snuff brown walls where spanish lizards run.
Here I'm shadowed by a dragon fig trees fan
Ringed by ants and musing over man.

Ill unwind my old strings while the sun shine down
Won't climb any high thing while the sun shine.
Formentera lady sing your song for me
Formentera lady sweet lover.

Lamplights glows on old guitars the travellers strum;
Insence children dance to an indian drum.
Here odysseus charmed for dark circe fell,
Still her perfume lingers still her spell.

Times grey hand wont catch me while the sun shine down
Untie and unlatch me while the stars shine.
Formentera lady dance your dance for me
Formentera lady dark lover.

Tăng chiều cao said...


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