Monday, November 24, 2008

GeeVees - The Great Repercussion

The random audience has repeatedly sought my comments on diverse subjects related to the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, of which I was a part in its several forms for well over a decade. This six-part series should contain most of the themes on my mind at the time of this writing, the outcome of countless nights of reflection, creative contrasting, recontextualization, and selective discarding or re-adaptation of old mental constructs.

  • 00: RootsOn my background, on Gaudiya Vaishnavism, on the purposes of this series.
  • The Nectar Name — Reflections on my experiences with chanting the name, subsequent experiences contrasted with other traditions.
  • Ritual Culture — Integating into a native Gaudiya Vaishnava environment, mastering a culture of ritual purity and superstitions.
  • Gopi Girls Forever — A gloss on the method of living in the "love land", reflections on its applications, psychological dimensions.
  • Agamas and Sahajiya Roots — The natural human and the fundamental divinity of duality, heterodox roots of the methods of worship.
  • Divinities and Tantric Buddhism — Archetypal deities and classical tantric deity practice, Tibetan Buddhist methods and theologies.
  • The Human God — Dimensions of divinity, graded perceptions of dualistic, antropomorphic god and the dimension of nondual existence.
  • Doctrinal Picks — Fundamentally valuable aspects in the Gaudiya Vaishnava doctrine, their universal application.
None of the essays that are to follow should be considered final in terms of research. Think of them as previews, alpha-version renderings of elaborate themes. I have no timeline for the current production, I work on pure inspiration. Bear with me and enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

Seatbellts on and let's start the engine !

Nir said...

Just as I suspected. Ananda is pursuing a new career as a fiction writer. Do you think your works will be on the level of Harry Potter or more like Star Wars?

Anonymous said...

We are already queuing up like the fans of Harry Potter.

It's interesting indeed. Somehow I think, since time has passed, Ananda will be less reactive, but is still able to create a stir.

I am as excited as the coming of Obama's presidency. Nothing is done yet, but just the feeling that something is coming.......

Ananda said...

Watch the mighty warlock, Muggles!

There is indeed a decent deal of distance already, with me and the GeeVee times that is. I'm positive the essays will turn out much more settled and substantial than the earliest post-departure texts, spliced with ample detachment and humor.

Nir said...

Well, it's all so much good fun here, but I am sad that Madhava has,for reasons I don't understand,left the Gaudiya fold suffering from the illusion that there is happiness to be found anywhere than the lotus feet of Krsna. I thought Ananda was a really smart feller but as it turns out he is just a really fart smeller. He went from gopi to dopey in the blink of an eye.

I ain't no saint, but no matter how fallen I am I will never decry Lord Krishna or the Gaudiya siddhanta.

Ananda said...

Blessed are the children. Oh my god is greater than that of your dreams.

Nir said...

When the mind get's fickle, we only want a tickle on the pickle.

Ananda said...

And when the midgets they stickle,
We surely trickle that ickle
Dare to heckle their speckle!

So we buckle our knuckle
And we chuckle so muckle
As the midgets they ruckle

In a swamp by the sea;
Now, would you care for some tea
As I go for a pee?

Nir said...

sure Ananda, I will drink your piss if you come back and surrender to the lotus feet of Nitai-Gaura. I will drink all your piss for the rest of my life if you come back to Lord Gaurahari.

Send me a quart. I am waiting in earnestness to drink your holy piss.

Nir said...

I've just had a brainstorm!! Ananda could create a new character sorta like Harry Potter, but change the plot a little to a young boy from Finland named Hairy Pothead who travels to India, meats lots of wizards and wenches and ends up becoming a great mystic yogi who travels all over the universe trying to find a special kind of cannabis that gives one liberation upon smoking it.
You can thank me later.
Just an idea.

Ananda said...

I would have picked up the tea on the way back from the toilet, you silly goose.


Been working on an essay, "Smoking Pot and Reading Harry Potter".

Some fiction is lined up indeed — "2027 - The Hindu Gods Return" oughta be a good one, I'll post in some previews once the complete chapters are a bit more polished.

Will note the Hairy Pothead idea down. If we ever get the story to the big screen, I'll have 10% profits delivered to backwoods Florida for you.

Anonymous said...

Let us say, Nir, that Hairy will return to the Gaudiya fold just to enjoy you drinking his urine for the rest of your/his life.
Some logistical remarks....
Does Hairy send the urine per Fedex and who is going to pay for it ?
How do you know it is really his piss ?
Will you drink straight from the source (micropenile transmission) or will you pour it in a October-fest-mug ?
How are you planning to solve these problems ?

But more important is this.... If Hairy returns to the fold only so he can see you drinking his piss for eternity and time immemorial, we can hardly call that.... sincere !?#

Nir said...

Well, Anonymous, I didn't mention that I have a special desalination piss distiller that I use when I go on voyages to outer space and need to conserve water.
So, before I drink Ananda's piss, that he would have to FedEx from Europe, I would distill it to make it cleaner than mountain spring water.
Either that or I would just flush it down the toilet and lie about drinking it.
If he wants to spend money to FedEX piss to me from Europe, then he deserves to be cheated.

Nir said...

India is in the new tonight. Nasty terrorist attack in Bombay.(I know they call it MuMMMMMMMbhaiiiii!)I like Bombay better. Mumbhai sounds like it would mean brother of the mummy or something.

Ganjari Swarup said...

This is funny. According to the Veydas everyone gets liberated by chanting the wholly names even once. Now, in India people chant these names daily (because of their names etc). How come they still act kust like any other meat eating rakshasa westerners, planting bombs, killing each other etc? Then what difference do the wholly names actually make?

Hairy Pothead said...

So, there is no meat-eating in India?
Duh, you must be living in a bubble. There are plenty of "meat-eating rakshasa" in India. India is a cesspool of ignorance and violence. Besides, do you have any inside information that it was Hindu against Hindu and not the Islamic radicals from Kashmir trying to force the
Government to give them all of Kashmir?

My Divine Grace 108 Sri Srimad Kaupindas Maharaj Visnupad said...

Dont believe this person above, in India ALL people are in the mode of goodness because they daily chant the Divine Ambrosial Nectarean Holy Names of the Lotus Eyed Divine Nectarean Supreme Personality of Godhead. They daily bathe in the Ganges, they regularly eat the Mahaprasadam of the Lord, how can any sane person think that they are not liberated souls? Chanting the Holy Names even once destroys kalpas of sinful activites. If you are intelligent, you believe this without a doubt.

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