Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mongolian Mystery Being

i have roamed the dark side of the moon
past the milky way on silver spoon
i have screened the texture of my brain
i have hardly ever gone insane

i am...
the mongolian mystery being
too fast to ever be seen
the ranger of deserted lands
master of infinite sands

i am coming to take you away,
to show you the way
cross arid and gray,
so what you say?


NirAnanda Maharaja said...

Give us a clue. Is the Mongolian Mystery Being a male, female of combination of both?

Does he/she drink fermented mare's milk?

Ananda said...

Symbols, archetypes, proto-energies. Distill the characteristics, universalize.

The dark lord of the wewelsburg schlott said...

Don't mess with the Master, or I'll come and show you you my axe!

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