Sunday, December 14, 2008

North of the Moon - Old Yule Series

With the holidays approaching, a double announcement is in place. First of all, Uma's new blog: North of the Moon, exploring spirituality, old Nordic and European pagan traditions, the ancient Scandinavian-Aryan connection, and the general mysteries of life.

Second, a series of articles on the Old Yule, the pagan and Aryan predecessor to Christmas, glossing the age-old midwinter festival of fertility and new birth, the Yule observances, the Tree of World, the original Father Yule and a host of angels, goblins and others of old yet remembered. First in the series:

Old Yule 1: The Mother and the Deadly Midwinter

And good Yule and a happy new year to all!


Sri Krishna said...

Dear Ananda!

I'm thus again floating in your material world to complement you on your fine (and nearly transcendental) blog.

However, I do have a request. My blue lotus-feet are aching. Care to rub? Pretty please with prasadam on top? How about if I send you a few gopis and shit? Come on, man!! My feet are killing me..

Kalki said...

p.s. I do exist. You probably can tell that from the fact that I can write stuff in people's blogs. So, HA HA to all you atheists. Screw you, the blue trancendental dude is kicking your ass.

What? This isn't evidence enough? Harrumph. Time to send some 24-headed serpent-demons your way, ASAP!

.. after a few more millenia.

Ananda said...

Dear Sincere-Head,

However I only take advance payments and deliveries from you, given the rather poor track record. If the delivery part starts working smooth, you'll find me able to perform far beyond the old unpaid capacity. Perhaps a broader strategy revamp is in place?

Batman said...

See, Ananda, this underlying evil in your thought processes is why you never tasted the nectar of the Holy Name or experienced "Namananda".

Ananda is the wrong name for you.
Your name should be Nirananda, which means NO BLISS.

Your intentions were never pure in KC and that is why you ended up on the wrong side of the Viraja.

Mrs. Claus said...

Stay away from Santa! Leave my husband alone.

Die Greve af der Schloss Wewelsburg said...

You come against my guru, and I'll make sure you shall meet my sharp axe. -It distinguishes bullshitters from saints for sure!

Mano said...

Hey Ananda Merry Christmas, I am like you and decided to believe in Santa Claus this year. He comes to all good boys and girls, and there is always diverse presents under the tree for all.

All the best for the New Year, and unwrapping the presents ;)

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