Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Protect Space Bunnies - A Call for Arms

Folks at the comments department have been wondering what I'm doing. A general sense of curiosity is in the air particularly on what I am doing right now...

The thing is, as the following grotesque illustration from the Internet demonstrates, evil bitches have set out to exterminate the race of Space Bunnies once and for all. Can anyone with a heart just stand by as our innocent space hare brothers are being persecuted without mercy!


A call for arms is hereby issued from the Royal Ministry of Space Bunnies, led by venerable Easter Bunny Jr. Watch for a draft booth in your neighbourhood! Down with the eevil biutches! Hooray!


Anonymous said...


I was wondering when you were going to become so advanced as to realize that the mantra HARE Krsna in fact comes from HARE or RABBIT and now [gasp!] I see that you have gone from Half Satori to Total Full Frontal Satori!!!

Now I see that today you realize that meditation on two archetypal love bunnies humping in the bushes is in truth the meditation upon Two Cute Cuddly Pretty Fluffy Bunny Rabbits: upon The Primordial Big Bunny in the Sky and His Ever-Lovin' Fluffin' Bun-Bun Consort.

However, Bunny rabbits with guns is more the Aiswarya mood, don't you think? More the Mathura Rabbit pastimes methinks.

But is good you are taking it slow and not "Jumping to the top of the tree", or as we say in bunny parlance, "Don't hippity hop into Mr. MacGregor's Garden in too much of a hurry!"

May bunnies hop freely in nature forever!!!

Bunnie Fucker said...

I fucked a bunch of space bunnies and evil bitches in my day.
Ain't nuthin' better than gettin' dick such from a dark-eyed evil bitch.

Anonymous said...

Great, Ananda, you've created a playground where we can discuss religious stuff, without people attacking us, because they will not take us serious anyway. Thanks

So there we go.

Religion is really nothing more, then what this post is about. Bunnies playing the victim-role, so we consider them marters and come to the rescue by killing sexy ladies, the root of all evil.
We arrived straight at the core of it all. Sex. Sex is evil. We (except if you're a homo, celibate, or fancy Bunnies) sex with women. They should be eliminated. If we eliminate we can not play the victim role anymore and say oeps "I got tempted by forces greater then me", so we need an excuse to attack and declare total war without losing our victim-status. How to win a war, while remaining a victim. Okay, here it is....

We save the Bunnies and thereby defeat the women, yet we continue to have great forbidden sex, so we remain victimized by their evil boobs.

Most religious philosophies are constructed around this sentiment.
1) victim role protection
2) suppress women with boobies
3) eliminate gay men, because they are a disturbance to the coherence of the philosophy
4) meditation on 1) 2) and 3)
5) occasional violence in the name of love to keep the above truths truths is allowed, stimulated even as long as you remain in the victim role while kicking ass.

Anonymous said...

Baba, can you comment on aparadha and your views on it ?

Advaita, deleted a comment, because someone doubted the sastra. That is an offence. Then he discontinued the conversation, because preaching to the ignorant is also aparadha. Or maybe he wanted to protect that person from saying he disagreed with a person who takes sastra literally. That is also aparadha.

I became so frustrated with the whole aparadha-thing in my pre-blooped days, that I turned completely obnoxious.

I am thinking about becoming a follower of Jagat (inofficially ofcourse), because at least he says it is sort of okay to disagree with your guru taking the different contexts into account.
He is able to take a stand and still listen to a total different approach and share his views on it, without name calling and playing the offence-card.
He is loyal to the principle of love (a certain definition of love) and a personal god, but does not discredit other views, even atheist ones.

What kind of friendship you share with him ? Is it still standing, although your views differ. I am curious.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of stupids.

"I became so frustrated with the whole aparadha-thing in my pre-blooped days, that I turned completely obnoxious. "

So you were an obnoxious twat, and now you're just a silly twat.

Dicky Long said...

I can see it now.
Posters of Space Bunnies covering the walls of "Ananda's Institute of Tantric Masturbation".

However, there must be some boxes of Kleenex stationed at strategic locations around the ashram just in case one of the tantric masturbators get's carried away and can't stop in time.

Sri Krishna said...

Greetings from Goloka!

Radhe radhe and all that. I must say, I am a great fun of rabbits myself. So treat all pink bunnies well. Or I shall destroy the universe and/or make beer illegal.

Your Godhead

Ananda said...

Dear Godhead,

We generally follow a policy of restricting statements with a commercial purpose in the comments. If you are interested in canvassing for your religion and advertising your views on religiopolitical matters, may I suggest you purchase a piece of premium advertizing space on our blog. "You make money, you give us money, or else." Fair play, okay?

Marketing & Communications

Anonymous said...

Lop is a type of cute bunny, Mr. Lop-onen!

Sri Paisa Babaji said...

I LOVE bunnies! ANyone knows if there is a rabbit avatara in some shastra?

Die Schwarze Sonne am Wewelsburg said...

If you ever even think aloud to mess with this bunny, I'll come after you all, figure out where you and your families live and chop the whole lot to pices with my axe. OK?

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