Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hare Krishna Swami Loses Soul (DP)

Dissociated Press
January 17, 2009
Helsinki, Finland

In an unprecedented "Stay High Forever" temple music festival, Anatma Swami, a fired-up Hare Krishna preacher, lost grip of his wildly whirling monk partner and flew headlong into a larger-than-life copper
replica of the movement founder's lotus feet by an open window.

As the Swami failed to respond to conventional first aid, temple authorities alerted for resident witch doctor Shittiwawa Das, an Indian tantric adept and leading disciple of retired guru Bob Haripada, for help. At the conclusion of a fair fifteen minutes of exotic rattling, popping, muttering, whisking and bouncing, Das concluded the patient's soul had departed in the crash and required urgent re-insertion.

All resident devotees have patrolled downtown Helsinki since yesterday afternoon, the time of the incident, passing out pamphlets urging for the lost soul's founder to return the precious commodity to its rightful owner – in return for the Swami's abundant and perpetual blessings. Sources tell former guru Bob Haripada found his soul in the late 90's with the help of a female therapist.

The soul in question is described as bearing a strong resemblance to 1:10,000th fragment of a male Caucasian hair tip, following the verdict of an ancient Hindu philosophical text. One ten-thousandth part of an average Caucasian tip of hair measures at an average of 0,0075 µm. Temple authorities were not available for comment on distinguishing the Swami's soul from any number of other souls probably lost downtown Helsinki. (DP)


Vegman said...

Heck the soul is not that hard to find if you have the eyes.

check out what Swami Prabhupada says about the glory of the Jivatama:

Śrī Caitanya Caritāmṛta Ādi 5.22
purport -

"The bestial civilization of eating, sleeping, fearing and sense-gratifying has misled modern man into forgetting how powerful a soul he has. As we have already described, the soul is a spiritual spark many, many times more illuminating, dazzling and powerful than the sun, moon or electricity. Human life is spoiled when man does not realize his real identity with his soul. Lord Caitanya appeared with Lord Nityānanda to save man from this type of misleading civilization."

So, unless one is spiritually blind, it is very easy to see the soul which is more brilliant that the Sun planet.

The Sun planet is quite dull compared to the brightness of the Jivatama.

Vegman said...


The missing jivatma of a young Hare Krishna man from Finland has recently been spotted lingering in a cloud of marijuana smoke somewhere in the vicinity of Helsinki.
The jivatma of the missing Hare Krishna devotee was seen as a dimly glowing light easily confused as a Glowfly or Lightening Bug.

If anyone spots this missing jivatma floating around Finland in a self-induced stupor of marijuana intoxication resembling a bluish cloud of smoke, please report it to the local Hare Krishna temple authorities.

There is a $5.00 reward for information leading to the capture and rehabilitation of this missing Hare Krishna jiva.

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

Follow-up philosophy: Metric Soul and Divided Minds & Divinites

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

It is like this... Said Iam Thatiam Once for All!

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