Monday, March 9, 2009

KrishnaCaitanya.Com - Future of the Website

Back in 2003 we started KrishnaCaitanya.Com, a website for Sri Krishna Chaitanya Shastra Mandir. As it stands, I am no longer actively involved in its operations, and the few outlets we had in Europe and the U.S. have been inoperative since years. In fact, we don't even have a contact e-mail for anyone at Radha-kunda.

The domain is scheduled to expire on the 16th of April, in a month and a half from now. As it stands, the site is badly out of date, and it's questionable what purpose it serves. Since I have enough domains to pay for annually as it is, KrishnaCaitanya.Com will expire in mid-April unless (1) someone wants to sponsor the domain ($10/year) or (2) someone is eager to work on something related and lets me know of the same. (N.B. I am not in a position to coordinate anyone's SKCSM-related efforts aside giving access to the website if someone so wishes.)


Vegman said...

So Anandaji,

As you exit Gaudiya Vaishnavism can you tell us what your parting feelings are about Anantadas Babaji and if his character or treatment of you had anything to do with your departure?

Obviously, part of the reason you left was you lost your faith in him as guru.

Was it him or just the Gaudiya Vaishnavism overall that really turned you sour to Hari Bhakti.

Any particular gripes against Babaji that you would care to vent to a sympathetic ear?

Mr. Ananda said...

The factors that led to my growing somewhat distant with him, already during my Gaudiya-years as evident from the several siksa-gurus I had, were not about his character or expertise as such. However, I needed much more than solid theory and scriptural knowledge, I needed hands-on guidance with the practical application of the theory.

And this very art is something that was sorely lacking in the Gaudiya tradition I grew to know. There are still a few out there with more extensive knowledge of the esoterics of Gaudiya-vaishnavism, but the bundle is spoiled by troubling character quirks, non-scriptural improvisations and/or willingness to commit to teaching.

Most of all, a willingness to teach is sorely absent in most who don't take interest in you owing to your assets or other prospects you offer the person. Sure, any Bengali with a moderate level of knowledge and practice will adopt you as a student to take advantage of you — the holy grail, a Western Connection with all of its natural benefits.

All too many a senior practitioner out there have a rather poor fund of knowledge of the deeper esoteric theology of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Many of those with more in-depth knowledge bicker, even viciously, over silly interpretations of essentially trivial matters. It's just not the world I want to be a part of any longer. I gave it a good shot, and had to admit it didn't work for me in the end.

Had I found a teacher who would have had the necessary level of know-how, interest in teaching, with no absurd behavior, and lacking of ulterior motivations, I would probably have kept on with my practice for a few more years.

In a way I am blessed that I came to see the grim state of Gaudiya Vaishnavism as early as I did. It forced me to reflect deeply both on my personal evolution as well as the efficiency of the very process itself. If it doesn't seem to be doing even the necessary basic clean-up of the mind for the majority of practitioners I see, no amount of lofty theology and theoretical prospects will make up for this glaring lack.

Mr. Ananda said...

We now have a sponsor for the domain. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The teaching is that one is not supposed to be concerned with anyone else's cleansing of the mind but with one's own.

Vegman said...

Looks like done went and gone limp, stuck in limbo - the twilight zone. What happened, did you overdose on some mairjuana brownies or something?

Mr. Ananda said...

Been busy with work. I'm working on my first million. I have a bunch of articles queued up, just haven't had the time to jot them down.

Vegman said...

But Phishing is illegal. Just hope you don't get caught.

Mr. Ananda said...

Um, I get quality phish from the supermarket if I ever want some. I don't need to go illegally phishing.

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

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