Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Confessions of a Sinner

Some readers may remember from the years past that I have periodically come up with open letters that sum up a past period, often flavored with a distinct aroma of regret over my attitudes and actions. This is one of those times again, so please bear with me and read on.

It isn't without regret or remorse that I note how I've come to see the basic errors of my ways, both in the guise of a Vaishnava and among Oriental religions in general. It stands to reason there is a God, and only one supreme God. If the destination is one, how can there be many different ways? I used to think it was a load of bunk, sure. But was I right?

 It's only when you realize you're a sinner and in a hopeless position that things start becoming clear. No amount of exotic spirituality is going to make up for your sins when the day of judgment comes — we are all guilty. It's up to us to not be deceived by religions propagated by prophets misguided by Satan himself.

Whether it's the cult of the black god Krishna, whose name is etymologically rooted in darkness and evil, or atheistic nihilism promoting reincarnation and other such false doctrines, such as Buddhism, they lead to nothing but moral deprivation. Worshiping an evil god and promoting humanity to god's position are equally sinful, and lead to the same unpleasant ultimate destination. When push comes to shove, only two fundamentals, the forces of good and evil, are at work in the world.

The grim reaper is coming for each and every one of us in due course. The choice is yours — where do you want to go? You can choose to accept the salvation offered through the atonement of Lord Jesus Christ and enter into the Joy of the Lord, or you can reject the opportunity as I once did. Truly, one sometimes feels as if God had spilled his pearls before the swine, sacrifice as he did his only Son to save a world of disbelievers.


Mr. Ananda said...

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Cori said...

I love April 1st.

Mr. Ananda said...

You should have said "spoiler alert" first!!

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

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Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

To make it perfectly clear, I have the highest regard for the heart of the message of Jesus Christ, and his heart is what I wholeheartedly embrace. However I recoil in seeing what narrow-minded people do in the name of his teachings.

This write-up from April 1st is an example of the kind of narrow fundamentalist faith I believe is antithetical to the greater divine cause and plan for the world --- which is one of universal kindness, love and peace for one and all.

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

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