Monday, April 13, 2009

He built a shrine at Radha-kunda...

Someone was kind enough to remember me with a composite photo of myself and what appears to be a shrine I once inhabited. This is actually the toilet bathroom combo of the house I never really lived in. My actual shrine, rented on the roof of the Manipuri temple (where the below photo of me was taken), was a bit under five square meters in size and came with a 30x30 cm window.

For contrast's sake, let's include a recent shot of where I live at these days. Many have wondered whether I ended up living in the stump of an old tree or something. Who would have guessed just how on the mark their guesses were! Actually I do live in the stump of an old tree. (Solar power and wireless net.) Below you can see me emerging for the hollow of the tree to greet the mid-day sun.

I also have a mantra I chant when I stand at the treetop greeting the heavens, an atma-dhyana or self-contemplation of sorts. The pronunciation and the full merit can only really be obtained by native speakers of a Finno-Ugrean language, even if there are a few foreign masters of vowel harmony and agglutinative morphology too. I may prepare a chanting guide with a recording in the future if there's sufficient interest among the readers.

Korpikuusen kannon alla on Mörri-Möykyn kolo.
Siellä on koti ja siellä on peti ja peikolla pehmoinen olo.
Tiu tau tiu tau tili tali tittan sirkat soittaa salolla,
Pikkuiset peikot ne piilossa pysyy kirkkaalla päivän valolla.
Syksyn tullen sieniä kasvaa karhunkankahalla,
Mörri-Möykky se sateessa istuu kärpässienen alla.


Mr. Me said...

Yeah right.
Show us the picture of the actual fabulous home bordering on palatial that you really live at with some girl you have duped into being your main squeeze.

Don't play sadhu mendicant with us Ananda.
We know you are living in the lap of European luxury and using your yogic powers to control helpless women into serving you like a king.

Mr. Ananda said...

Well you see, the problem is that our yogic palace is floating in mid-air like Kardama Muni's aerial mansion, and stepping outside to take photos is a bit of a hazardous enterprise just to please the voyeurs.

N.B. both the palace and my yogic powers are on auto-pilot, so technically speaking I am not using them per se, though they accomplish heaps.

Speaking of kings, have you seen my new crown yet? I picked it up in a lofty ceremony on the way to Varanasi in February 2008. (The man in the photo is one of the lookalikes I have preside in boring events in my place.)

Anonymous said...

Hari Bol Ananda,
after taxing my brain who could know this I came to the conclusion that only you might know this. I'm looking for a tool which can convert long texts with Unicode Sanskrit fonts back into normal MS plain word text.
Does such a tool exist? The reason why - databases like vedabase are more or less rejected by search engines. When using text on the internet I want to have no more Sankrit fonts in there. To remove it from already existing texts is quite time consuming. Is there a way to do this with a software? Thanks for any advise!


Mr. Ananda said...

Well you could always use diCrunch, a tool I once coded for converting text between different scripts and diacritic systems. Vedabase doesn't use Unicode proper however, so there's some post-conversion cleanup you'll need to do.

Anonymous said...

please come back. I miss you.

Mr. Ananda said...

Coming from Anonymous, it doesn't mean too much. Anyhow, if it's a real statement, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. Ananda, this tool is great! Looks like others have copied it. At least they should give a thanks from whom it originally came.



Xtz said...

OK. Next. Stale bread is stale bread.

Grasshopper Studio said...

hey there Ananda,

good to see that youre being your usual freaky self. all seems to be good.

here, sitting back at the UPF office. Kiran reading and all shanti.
back in kathmandu for who knows how long. your files are still all in puter.

keep in touch.

lots of love to you and your lady.

Chief said...

you have me stumped, anonmouse

Anonymous said...

I don't know where the sarcastic Vaishnavas find so much time to read and post to blogs. Back in the day, I was way too busy with service and chanting and reading to do such things, even if the internet had existed then.

Satya devi dasi said...

Under the stub of the woods spruce there is the hole of Mörri-Möykky. There is a home there and there is a bed there and on the spectre the fleecy feeling. Score tau score tau account tallow tittan rings the crickets on wilds Pikkuinens spectres they in the hiding place stay on the clear light of the day. For an autumn I will probably come, mushrooms, karhunkankahalla increases Mörri-Möykky it in the rain sits under the fly agaric.


Mr. Ananda said...

Furry Grump looks something like this. Not bad for an automated translation. Here's a proper rendering.

Beneath the stump of the virgin forest
Lies the hole of the Furry Grump.
There is a home, and there is a bed,
And the sprite has a cozy sump.

"Tiu tau tiu tau tili tali tittan"
The crickets resound on the wilds
And little sprites they stay in the hiding
From the light of day so bright.

Autumn falls and the mushrooms grow
On the canvas of the bears;
Furry Grump he sits in the rainfall
Under a fly-agaric shade.

Akincana Krishna das said...

respectfully, you were more fun as an ISKCON iconoclast. now it's like your life just proves that Prabhupada was right.

Mr. Ananda said...

Well that's a fascinating take there.

Do you mean to imply that my post-cult life has by now proven a failure, and is therefore a testament to the truth of Prabhupada's fundamentalism?

valo pellervo lankinen said...

Dear Ananda, you are always welcome back to ISKCON´s warm and uncoditionally loving company!

Valo Pellervo

P.S. Prabhupada is dead since 1977, so what is the matter of him being right or wrong anyway?
Dead people make great compost or food for condors and other predators. Sometimes even humans.

Anonymous said...

well done ananda lopen! keep moving and growing like that grand old tree!

you were never a bonsai, even though they are extremely beautiful too, and refined, and pruned, and tiny, and disciplined, and practiced, and aesthetically austere, oh goodness me...we only dreamed.

lets get back to the forest, and dance in a fire circle, like our fathers of old, where earth was home and we were human and not giants!

Anonymous said...

Let the Hindus clean up their own rivers!

Let us clean up our own back yards, and deserts, and streams, and mountains...

And paint this prison-house into reality the beautiful (and live).

Lets face it, if we can handle our own shadows, then maybe we can love God's shadow too. And its beautiful! Otherwise we just keep running...

And maybe take shelter under a Fly Agaric (ofcourse unless we know where truth lies)? The fly agaric may just break down them last prison walls (but it was never meant to be easy!)

Unless we worship Giants and other things with imagination...

Big world is turning hey Ananda...
And the river flows...

Anonymous said...

the roots fimly planted in the sacred place of origin...

our sacred meeting place...

dont't worry mate, the elite will always criticize the primal.

Akincana Krishna das said...

My comment was my brief way of saying something similar to what Adwaita das wrote in a recent blog ( dated May 16th 2009 on "practical raganuga-siddhanta."

I never said anything about you being a failure. I barely know you. From a distance, you`ve always seemed cool.

Anonymous said...

I am glad I was not there when you worshipped in that particular shrine ;)

Sweet memories in various shrines on (with) the 'run' 0_o

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

It is like this... Said Iam Thatiam Once for All!

╠══════► ∞ ♥ ∞ [ONE-LOVE]
╠═════► ∞ ☯ ∞ — ☺|☻ ═► [Quantum-Bipolar-Bliss]
╠════► ☺☺|☺☻|☻☺|☻☻ ═► [Solar-Lunar-Binary]
╠═══► ☺☺☺|☺☺☻|☺☻☺|☺☻☻ [Solar-Ternary]
╠══► ☻☺☺|☻☺☻|☻☻☺|☻☻☻ ═► [Lunar-Ternary]
╠═ ◄ ≡ ☺ ≡ ☯ ≡ ☻ ≡ ► ═╣ [ Mirror World = Above & Outside ]
╠═══ ∞ ♥ ∞ ☯ ∞ ♥ ∞ ═══╣ ALL-AS-ONE: ONE-LOVE-AXIS!
╠═ ◄ ≡ ☻ ≡ ☯ ≡ ☺ ≡ ► ═╣ [ Mirror Brain = Below & Inside ]
╠══► ☺☻☻|☺☻☺|☺☺☻|☺☺☺ ═► [Solar-Ternary]
╠═══► ☻☻☻|☻☻☺|☻☺☻|☻☺☺ [Lunar-Ternary]
╠════► ☻☻|☻☺|☺☻|☺☺ ═► [Lunar-Solar-Binary]
╠═════► ∞ ☯ ∞ — ☻|☺ ═► [Bipolar-Quantum-Bliss]
╠══════► ∞ ♥ ∞ [ONE-LOVE]

@@@ IN-YOUR-TUBES: Wisdom Matrix ≡ Sahasrara Celestial Lifecycle Harvester

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