Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Saw the Walrus

It's been quiet for awfully long. I have even received letters asking if everything's all right. Some have wondered what I've been up to, others have just kicked back and enjoyed the absence.

The questions are many. Inquiring minds want to know. Who is the eggman? Where did the walrus go?

Since time is at a premium these days, I thought it best to prepare the above illustration to explain all that and a bag of chips. I'll try and get back to more verbose writings towards the end of the summer.

Happy days in the meantime. Jaya Blogannatha!


Mr. Ananda said...

I want to especially thank zvs for his contribution in identifying the eggman.

Vegman said...

I think the fact that you have intentionally neglected the guy barfing off the back of the boat betrays a deep psychological barrier you have put up to blot out past incidents in your childhood that have created emotional scars that you are not willing to deal with at this time.
Have you ever considered seeking out the help of Deepak Chopra and trying to face these demons of fear and loathing?
Because really, I care man I care.
I love you man!!!!

Anonymous said...

it is interestinh enough that when i was still chanting back ina days, my friend always imitated me but said mahamantra like " raam raam ding ding" go figure out this incident!

lapin Aslak

Anonymous said...

the depths of your stupidity are limitless.
i suppose it's more honest than when you were so slimily posing as a vaishnav....although i suppose the depths of your falseness are also unlimited.

"free flow", "enlightenment" -- how would you know what enlightenment is, it's not as if you have any past experience of it. and "free" - you're obviously obsessed, full of hatred. are you maybe blaming iskcon instead of blaming your parents?

"busy with work" ? really? that's good, good to have to work for a change. change is good. pity it's not hard labor, that would be even better, to get some of the shit out yr head.

The Self said...

Truly am I honored.

It must be said that it was your keen insight that uncovered the walrus, and your boundless compassion that may well have helped that struggling sankirtan devotee find his way to a sex addiction support group.

Definitely looking forward to more writings!

tomar bhai blogannathar-sebe, zvs.

Mr. Ananda said...

Thik temon bhAi! Umuk-ke kintu kichui bolbona. Ami ki tAr pAraNe prasrAb korlAm na ki?

Anonymous said...

oh, another man of thoughts. how ridiculous. what a Pandora's Box of people who never quite understood what they read. instead, running around in their minds doing their best to find themselves clever. ........especially anything to do with straws and blades of grass, those are just words, ey? didn't apply to you. and then you wonder why you didn't really make any progress. always considering yourself more intelligent and in some ways superior to other devotees. so you thought you deserved gurudev's special attention. LOL!

Mr. Ananda said...

There, do we have another gurubhai seer onboard? To crack the facts for you, in just about every religious organization and community I've been a part of, your level of "special attention" and all that comes in direct proportion to how much an asset you are to the community and the leaders' objectives.

If you work your ass off for the cult or group, you receive profuse encouragement from the leaders. If you focus on living your own life and doing your own practice, you're just another brick in the wall. It was true in ISKCON, it was true at Gaudiya Math, and it was true at Radha-kunda.

I'm therefore quite done soliciting special favors. Make your own way, go as far as you can. That's where you honestly are, and that's where you deserve to be. The rest are only so many mirages in the desert, and they invariably vanish over time.

Anonymous said...

Disingenuous. You thought you were worthy of specal attention.

"Another brick in the wall". Another jiva, perhaps another devotee. Why would you expect anything else? Unless you think you're special.

"That's where you honestly are and that's where you deserve to be."

At least you figured that out.

"Mirages in the desert, vanishing over time."
You should have understood that when you were a new devotee reading Prabhupada's books.

Mr. Ananda said...

"Disingenuous. You thought you were worthy of specal attention. ... Another jiva, perhaps another devotee. Why would you expect anything else? Unless you think you're special."

Raveling in low self-esteem seems to be in vogue in your circles. Did you ever consider a situation where leaders knowingly bestow "special favors" in order to make someone feel worthy of special attention, thereby making him strive even harder for the mission? A rather elementary yet ingenious way to pull the strings, really.

"You should have understood that when you were a new devotee reading Prabhupada's books."

Would have saved me heaps of headache now, wouldn't it? What a shame you weren't around to fill me in on the darker secrets of the cult when I started hanging out at the temple.

Anonymous said...

There is a great difference between low self-esteem and being realistic about one own's relative importance, Anandaji. The first of course is an unhealthy mental state. The second is what the tradition you rejected actually teaches. It seems you use one as excuse to have failed the other.

Anonymous said...

It's common to any hindu tradition, and buddhism, not just vaishnav teachings.

A feeble attempt. You know what I'm talking about. But behind that there are other factors. One way or another you've tried to avoid being open about the real issues. The closest you got to them was expressing your dismay at some of the more mundane aspects of life at Radhakund. (I won't mention the more personal factors here.)

Now you've moved on to a sort of "attack is the best form of defense". It's understandable that you'd sort of be trying to catch up with some of the normal experiences of youth and life that you missed out on, but the childish mocking of devotees and deliberate aparadha? And now the crude use of terms like "cult".

What has "darker secrets of the cult" to do with your apparent inability to have understood, in so many years, what maya means, "mirages in the desert, vanishing over time." It's quite incredible really, the extent of your misunderstanding - the clever learned one becoming the stupid one.

Who do you think you are fooling now? You're not fooling the devotees and you're certainly not fooling paramatma - you're just making it worse for yourself.
If you want to reinvent your self-publicity blogging life, with a new audience, then put it behind you, move on. Saying that it's part of the clearing process or something is all very well, but for goodness sake.

Anonymous said...

free flow? hardly. that's illusion.

exploration? - ok. i guess you've some catching up to do. get on with it.

enlightenment? - reverse enlightenment, more like it.

Mr. Ananda said...

Anonymous: The last couple of blogs are spin-offs from a few random discussions at Gaudiya Repercussions. Beyond that, I have spent pleasantly little time thinking about you and your lot, whosoever you may be.

Who do I think I'm fooling? Well I'm certainly not fooling you and your omniscient array of gods, gurus and spectacular manifestations. You already know the entire fundamental ultimate truth of everything — what's the to fool you about? And what would I try to fool you on, and why?

I hope you haven't been here refreshing this blog for new posts and comments for the last two months or so to witness the level (and frequency) of my obsession with whatever it is you think I am obsessed by or preoccupied with -- I haven't been around to entertain much.

Now, let me return the question: Who do you think you're fooling? Do you think Paramatma doesn't see when you post biter-to-the-core comments anonymously around the internet? Do you think your guru knows about it? Have you asked him if it's good for your spiritual progress to indulge in such activities? Please have this verified, I wouldn't like to be an unknowing contributor to your spiritual disaster.

Anonymous said...

rama rama egg egg fart tarts and pies
rama rama yog yog
gimme more yogurt

a hello from kathmandu with bikas and manue

rama yana krhisna fart fart

all love and purified shamallows

Anonymous said...

Blogs Bent on Bickering, Barking, Biting, Boasting and Bitching. Better to behold Bach, Beethoven and Brahms -- but buttering bagels before breakfast begets bliss beyond benign beauty. Bright Blessings as Big Bitch Bellows. Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a fandango fly by. Incredible!!

Anonymous said...

Just an idiot looking for his village.

Vegman said...

It's gotten ugly here Ananda.
Why do you subject yourself to such exposure to ridicule and torment from ex-friends who think you are a nuisance to society and should be locked-up in a padded cell where you can't hurt yourself or anyone else.
Ananda. When will you ever consider the option of disappearing from the web, the blogs, the artificial and deameaning internet where hatred and ridicule of others seems to be the favorite pastime?

Ananda, do yourself and everyone else a favor and disappear from the internet and become a pot washer in a Buddhist temple until the master accepts you as a candidate for nirvana.

Then, chip away at that massive false ego of yours until only the raw entity remains.

Then, is that pure state of being you must initiate benevolent humanitarian works in the field of hunger and feeding the needy in Nepal.

At last you will attain nirvana and join the likes of David Carradine in the great void hereafter which can only be attained with a rope around your neck and a rope around your dick.

Surely, David Carradine attained nirvana in that closet in Bangkok.

Mr. Ananda said...

I neither have a need nor an urge to pursue Buddhist liberation at this point. That said, I also do not hold much interest in the world of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. The every once in a blue moon that it crosses my thoughts, my days in pursuit of perfect pastoral love amidst heavenly cows come across as ephemeral as a mirage, or a strange dream of the hazy past --- or maya, as you might put it.

At the rate my work is progressing, it seems extremely unlikely I would be staying much away from the internet. To the contrary, I seem to be on my way to becoming a part of the internet of a great many internet users in a way. What happen? So perhaps you will need to reflect on alternative strategies for not seeing me on the internet --- such as not visiting this site, if it bugs you so.

Vegman said...

Dude, we be smokin' da'kine on Sivlok. Forget about that little dairy dork Krishna amd his milkmaids and come twist a fattie wid'us homies on Sivlok.

Dude! I am friggin' Siva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where is my Maya Devi?
Do you know what I am talkin' bout?

Mr. Ananda said...

Well it sounds like you could have done with a joint quarter of the size you smoked.

Vegman said...

I say we should all be patient while Ananda goes through puberty and gets his wild oats well sewn.
Once he get's testicular cancer has has his nuts removed, he will become a great saint with no interest in women.

Mr. Ananda said...

Contrary to your beliefs, Vegman, unused semen doesn't rise to the brain to make you bright, but it actually pretty much just sits in your bags. Sufficient celibation will help you get your nuts defunct with much greater efficiency.

Anonymous said...

As long as the semen doesn't receive a dishonorable discharge on the sperm of the moment -- all's well.

I been tossed and put aside. I been crushed by the tumblin' tide ... and my soul's been psychedelicized. I have no home ... yeeeeaaaah ...

And what about vasectomy? Vas Ect O My

The Self said...

"oh, another man of thoughts. how ridiculous. what a Pandora's Box of people who never quite understood what they read. instead, running around in their minds doing their best to find themselves clever."

Well, it certainly has been awhile since my devotee past mattered to anybody. Unfortunately, I do not wish to engage and further clutter my friend here's blog.

If anyone would like to call me out again, I cordially invite you to do it on my blog instead!

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

In related news: I Am the Walrus - We Are Together

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

It is like this... Said Iam Thatiam Once for All!

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