Friday, March 5, 2010

On Approaching Alternative Dimensions

A stairway I would often climb up to one of the hills of Varshana in Northern India
back in the days not so long ago; Varshana is one of my favorite spots in the Vraja area.

A befitting follow-up to yesterday's off-beat blog on Enter Planet Zorgotron, I am sharing the notes I sent to a friend who wrote in, asking for my angle on The Manual of Steve Bohlert (PDF) of Universalist Radha-Krishnaism fame for entering the utopian world of Radha-Krishna featured extensively in the writings of medieval Gaudiya Vaishnava mystics. Subtitled "Create yourself in an idealized identity",  Steve looks at meditational methods for entering a particular alternative dimension from a fresh and pleasantly fluid angle.

I have myself been an intense student and practitioner of the meditative method up until late 2007, when I made the call to expand my inner domain from what I felt was a rather restrictive model for an ultimate reality presented by the orthodox tradition. While holding a great deal of fascination, it had become too anthropomorphic for my taste. Feeling a need to travel deeper into transhuman existence from the abodes of personal divinities, I embarked on a journey of my own through the Buddhist world and beyond, leaving behind the specifics of the utopian otherworld favored by the esoteric Bengali Vaishnavite tradition.

Steve is definitely onto something there with his meditational approach, contra the orthodox and often stiff methods found among the traditional teachers in India, as they often brush aside the mechanistic aspect of the entire process in favor of counting on descending grace and automatic revelation alone. I find it hard to believe that this was the sole intention of the medieval authors, who spent much of their time in methodically writing detailed volumes of thought, and whose systematic writings provide a rich philosophical and theological framework for a meticulous student with a broad understanding.

From a quick read of his short manual, it's evident Steve has a good grasp on the aspects of mental fluidity and the individual's input as crucial factors in entering new dimensions of experience and interaction.. He further seeks to give this idealized world a more universal context, which I find commendable — even while he retains it in the general religious framework of the tradition, which I am not that big on as I find it too narrow and particular for an ultimate existential frame of reference.

Reality is inherently subjective, and more so in the domain of individual mind and consciousness. If you have a wish for entering alternative worlds and dimensions by meditational effort, whether it's the Radha-Krishna department or any other transhuman world, you will need to develop your skills of concentration, spatial visualization, projection, and psychological insight to a great degree. Such skills are highly useful in any field of endeavor, and as such "in this endeavor there is no loss or diminution"; they are in fact something I intend to write about in more detail myself when I get an opening to put more of my head's contents on cyberpaper.

The bottom line as I see it is that if you want to have any level of certainty over your internal evolution, you will need to understand how things function, over and above the grace factor that religions frequently depend upon as the sole saving factor and means of spiritual evolution. If god gave us methods for attaining his dimension, I'm certain he also intended for us to understand how his methods work as a precursor to attaining the level of existence he inhabits, in particular in preparing to share of his (or rather its) level of multi-dimensional and all-encompassing consciousness.


Mr. Ananda said...

In related news, I was pleased to notice the other day as I updated the statistics that the Lake of Flowers Media Library, a footnote to my days in India, has by now pushed out over 20,000 gigabytes of multimedia (that's 20 terabytes there), or over 200,000 individual video and audio files. There have also been almost 500,000 photo views of the assorted image galleries.

The total size of the media library was left at a befitting 100.8 GB total to keep things nicely rounded at sacred numbers. I had about 40 GB more to process and upload, but nobody came forward to support the project with the basic hardware I would have needed; the raw files are now tucked away on hard drives in Dave's basement.

If the visitors had clicked on an ad for every twenty files downloaded, I would have had plenty enough to get by in India and could have kept up the productions. Evidently almost nobody gave a flying foobar for the person who was trying to get it all done for free and for the common good. (The ads there have earned a grand total of 22 euro 08 cents to date.)

If someone is into looking at what's left-over in the media stock on my old hard drives (2x500GB with raw DV footage and 16-bit WAV audio) and producing them into something useful, I believe there are in the range of 20 hours of video and another 20 of audio available, primarily of the festival and event variety.

Mr. Ananda said...

In the general vein of this blog, be sure to also read my older blog on The Eternal Loveboat Heaven to get a parallel perspective on how easily you could create self-induced alternative realities with a limited amount of roles stuck in the same eternal loop of utopian happiness.

Of course it will be "vaikuntha" if you induce yourself into a dissociated happy-land dimension where "worldly suffering" does not exist. Then, as the human elements inevitably factor in for a bit of spice and realism to the new dimension, you call it "transcendental sorrow" and so forth; and induce yourself to assume that the grief there is actually a form joy.

What escapes me is why you can't apply the same exact approach of projecting a new layer of reality to the current world you inhabit. If you can reprogram your psychology, you can apply it here and now; no need for lollipop lands and flying cows to make you joyful.

Back in the days I was actually playing with the thought of taking the esoteric GV meditation method to the LARP communities, as they already have a mindset quite prepared for entering alternative realities. Live action role players would of course be the sahajiyas of the genre, as the orthodox approach would be to only do the game/lila in your meditations. The trouble only really starts when you need to decide who the God of the game is.

Mr. Ananda said...

As a concluding footnote to all this at this time, I have absolutely no objection if someone is inclined to attain his or her piece of happiness in life by means of migrating to whatever dimension they will.

What I do have a slight problem with is when the said methods attain a sufficient hardening of orthodoxis and begin to aggressively control and warp every aspect of the practitioner's life. If it's a free for all happy-land with no heavy-handed oppressors in absolute control, whether it be gods or gurus, by all means trip wherever you will.

One of the major problems I personally experienced with the Gaudiya bhakti approach is its intensive use of emotion as a propelling force, as their entire progression from faith to divine love is essentially a description of a self-induced cultivation of extreme religious psychosis. Sure it takes you out there, but the drawbacks are immense when it comes to attempts to exist in the shared world you currently live in.

Thence my departure notes — featuring among other themes my disinclination for the emotional cultivation inherently tied with the devotional approach of attaining higher realities. That sort of mind-warping just doesn't sit in well with me when I try to maintain a coherent sense of the different aspects of the surrounding existence I partake of. I feel something's amiss if we isolate ourselves to a very narrow sector of experience and understanding as a means of attaining transcendence.

Mr. Ananda said...

For further angles on the topic, please read Alternative Dimensions and Religious Psychosis at Gaudiya Repercussions.

Mr. Ananda said...

I have now posted a series of notes under the link above on my extended exposure to the esoteric sadhana-practice featured in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, and the practices that propelled me towards a substantial state of altered consciousness during the peak of my practice.

I do not recommend such practice however, and in fact I strongly caution against it. While it certainly blew my brains to high heavens and beyond, there are better and less intrusive means for effectively transforming your mind a more controlled and gentle fashion, beginning with vipassana, coupled with yogic and Buddhist concentration and visualization practices (which I later explored), and other such methods that don't involve the extreme religious factor.

The non-religious / less-religious approaches are more suitable for use if you intend to maintain a base level of sanity and integration with the outer world you interact with; only take up the intense religious approach you are willing to lock yourself away in a little hut and adopt the role of an eccentric holy madman, risking your mental health in the process. (Thankfully I came out the other end of the rabbit hole in one piece, and hopefully a bit wiser than I was when I hopped in.)

Vegman said...

Read this book before you finalize you life's substance.

Vegman said...

Check out David, he has got some really amazing ideas.

Vegman said...

What about all the channelers? They are saying some really amazing things.

Vegman said...

Luis Prada is an amazing guy that claims he talks directly with Sananda Kumara a.k.a Christ Jesus.

Vegman said...

Maybe you have heard of Drunvalo?

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

Here are two related entries from November 2010, delving into further detail on alternative dimensions.

- The Human Totality and Multiple Dimensions of Existence

- Broadband Existential Body and Experience

@Vegman: Urantia book is also on the grid -- thank you for the references, all duly noted!

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

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