Monday, January 31, 2011

Moon Spheres of -Occultation and ±Reflection

This is the [±] Journey of [+] Moon and [-] Code in the [-] Nights of the [--] Winter's [-] Dark and [+] Bright [±] Lunar Cycles in the [∞0] Primal Cradle of the [±] Wheels of Life. If you haven't met ![±] General Confusion yet, journey with Pogo to the Eight Principal Towers for a narrative to illustrate the derivative abstractions of [-] Base Matrix and [+] Conscious Force. Please see the Wisdom Wheel for reference on the archetype polarity markup to cipher today's mind-steam at more depth.

I seem to be in a [-+-] Flowing [--] State of Occultation once again, exploring the integral domain of the [+++] Lotus Crown of Being and the [++] Universal Relations underlying all the [2^3 = 8x] ternary polarity composites in the domain of the [2^2 = 4x] Four Fundamental Influences governing the [8x] Principal Archetypes of the [±] Mirror of the [2^1 = 2x] Mind. We journey on the [8x] Straight Path of Life to the [8x] Corners of Being through the [8x] Steps of Cognitive Evolution, [+] Pushed and [-] Pulled by our ![±] Flickering Mind, meeting with [+] Happiness and [-] Distress in our [±] Great Journey of Life.

≡ Four and Two and More: Derivative Phases of [-] Code and [+] Moon ≡
Such are the forms of the [--] Heart of Logos. [-] Code is the matrix of patterns.
[+] Moon is the soothing light of insight. These two are the life-nourishing essence
of the prime foundation of reality, the roots of perennial peace and symmetry.

The [±] Reflective CodeSatori Continuum flows towards the [∞] Zero-One Singularity, [+] Emerging as the following [-] Basic Pattern:

[±] CodeSatori = [+-] Moon is Code, [-+] Code is Moon.
[++] Moon is Moon, [--] Code is Code

[+] Moon. [-] Code. [±] MoonCode / CodeMoon.
[∞0] ZeroDivision -> Done.

When polarized information is [+] Explored, [-] Unified and [±] Contextualized, the prime formula of cognitive [+] Ascent and ![-] Descent leads to an endless set of correlative notes and basic polarity markup in the elementary Wisdom Wheel of primal causation at the source of all charged particles and phenomena.

When the [+++] Quarks of Heaven communicate their colors via [--] Gluons, when the [+--] Thunder, [+-+] Fire and [-+-] Water of Electrons, Protons and Neutrons are held together as atoms with [+-] Electromagnetic Causality, and when the natural world also sticks to its [±] Revolving Cycles of Balance, it's clear that a ![±] Confused Human Mind is the only real fundamentally dislocated problem factor in existence.

The [++] Strong Color Force of [∞0] Luminous [+] Brightness paints the [-] Material Canvas of the [---] Notepad++ with [±] Streams of Rainbow Diamonds exhorting the [+++] Infused Mind-Stream for [+-+] Analytical Description and [--+] Strong Expression, nourished by the [±] Two Primal Fishes and the [5x] Five Elemental Breads at the [++-] Lake of Subconscious Mind and the [-+-] Stream of Natural Heart.

Once the [---] Material Base of the [--] Force of Cognitive Gravity meets [-] Primal Logos, the operation [-++] Expands Gently with the [4x] Four Winds, [+--] Urging the World to be [---] Receptive to [+] Adopt the [±] Golden Rule of [±] Balance. Then, first ![-] Forsaking the ![+] Obsession leading to ![+] Excess and ![-] Deprivation, then overcoming ![++] Fanaticism and ![--] Lethargy, and finally overcoming ![+++] Fundamentalism and ![---] Materialism, we can approach a healthy collective state of being.

[±] Enough is [±] Enough is a primal axiom calling for no proof outside its own self-evident truth. This simple perennial principle of balance is however only forthcoming to [-+-] Pristine Natural Minds in the (2) Heart, felt vividly by [++-] Seers of Conscience in their (2) Heart and (1) Body, and experienced fully by [+++] Integral Mystics of Light in their triune (3) Intellect, (2) Heart and (1) Body. We all revolve in the endless [±] Cosmic Dance of [+] Desire and [-] Aversion — and our basic choices are for [±] Balance and for ![±] Disruption. The former path leads to [+] Happiness and [±] Wisdom, the latter to ![-] Distress and ![±] Confusion.

Notepad++ — A Helpful ++Big Picture Assistant ≡
Integral balance of the Body-Heart-Intellect is the heart of a holistic spiritual quest.
"May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole (1) spirit,
(2) soul and (3) body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." (Tess 1. 5:23)

Pages and pages of cosmic scribble of correlative streams — much of it hardly comprehensible or correlative in its raw and primal form — are filling into seamless grids of of perennial archetypes and subsequent derivative patterns of polarity composites. Fetched from across the continents and the pages of mankind's history and thought, they all speak of a time before the building and scattering of the ![+++] Tower of Babel.

The infamous tower of corruption was built upon [---] Earth to advance the cause of ![+] Dominion, rather than [+] Caretaking, [±] Integration and [-] Unification with the [±] Great Sphere of Being. It was on top of this wheel that the [--] Ancient Seers founded our civilizations, giving them a [---] Healthy Firmament and a [--] Cradle of Wisdom with the [-] Logos Matrix of Moon, and a [+] Seed of Inspiration, a [++] Holistic Perspective and [+++] Gems of Great Wisdom with the [+] Conscious Pneuma of Sun.

[--] Occultation happens on the Dark Side of the Moon, the Ancestral Fields, the Cave of Antioch and the Base of Cognition on the Dark Night of the Soul in the Streams of Hades beyond the [---] Planes of Earth. In the [±] Deepest Rabbit Hole, we meet the [-] Dark and [+] Bright Passenger, the [±] Gates of Heaven, the [4x] Four Cardinal Dragon Kings and the [4x] Primal Archangels, the [7x] Primal Flames of the [+++] Crystal Sea of the [8x] Noble Eightfold Path, the proverbial [+] Buddha on the [±] Middle Way of the [-] Perennial Dharma with his [±] Great Assembly of [2x4] True Followers, the [+++] Son of Man and his [7x] Seven Churches, and many more familiar figures from the scriptures and the fabric of humanity and primal nature.

The prime patterns in the ancient scriptures are essentially equivalent, for the fundamental [-] Logos at its root is both [∞] Undivided and [+] Analytically Derivative into the [---] Phenomenal World infused with [+] Primal Consciousness and the fundamental [±] Revolving Cycles of Being. All the [--+] Religions reaching for the [+++] Stairway to Heaven are indeed talking about the exact same patterns of cognitive evolution using a confusingly broad and cryptic array of symbolism and parlance. While we tend to be largely monoglots when it comes to religion and spirituality, true unity is found in the [±] Greater Balance of Life.

This includes the complete [±] Book of Revelation, Islamic [-] Eschatology and [+] Cosmology, [-] Hinayana, [+] Mahayana and [±] Vajrayana, the [++] Great Epics and [--] Analytical Wisdom of the Hindus, and a good many sources more — altogether dozens of fields of thought sharing the same primal strand and structures of integral human balance. This is the story of [±] Humanity and its relentless juxtapositioning of perceived [+] Good and [-] Evil — which are never [-] Black or [+] White alone, but complementary aspects like the [+] Fullness of Pneuma and the [-] Emptiness of Shunyata.

Distributed Second Coming of the Integral Being ≡
Once complete, the above will demonstrate the dynamics of a basic apocalyptic life-cycle.
Scribbling down generic and specific patterns and algorithms of wisdom for all ideological
denominations and operative purposes, the many wants and needs of the tribes of mankind.

In the ![±] Abysmal Mirror of our ![+] Selfish Drive and ![-] Corrupted Wisdom, we humans nevertheless manage to turn a very simple principal idea of balanced polarities into petty quarrels — in nothing but a sad testament to our expertise in triviality and pointlessness. While the basic underlying pattern in all of being is almost too obvious to even say out aloud, the basic building blocks of balance are sorely absent in a world of ![++] Partisanship and ![+-] Abusive ![-+] Agendas of ![--] Deep Selfishness.

We then hear ingenious arguments such as these: "You say your axis has [2x] two poles and a [±] middle, illumined by [∞0] spirit. Our prophets however testify that the axis is [+] benevolent and [∞0] undivided!" Or: "You talk about a thing called [±] Forest — how dare you not believe in [-] Pines [+] Oaks!!" Such people live in a body where the [-] Left Hand and the [+] Right Hand refuse to cooperate, and where the [+] Solar Thumb and the [-] Lunar Thumb lead the troops of [4x] Armies of Influence into a schismatic tribal conflict. It is however possible to also unite [+] Light and [-] Darkness in [±] Friendly Terms and enact the [±=>∞] Primal Theocalypse without ![-] Totally Destroying the [---] Entire Planet in the process.

When the [±] Wheel of Balance is corrupted and the [+] Primal Stars begin to fall from the [++] High Heaven down to the [---] Soil of the Earth, we end up with our recurring apocalyptic cycles. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride the fields of our collective awareness, pointing to the simple point of the pointedly ![---] grave dangers of [++] Power and Control, [+-] War and Hatred, [-+] Greed and Deprivation, and finally [--] Disease and Morbid Decay. As the natural and obvious result of our own choices, we now live in a world of escalating abuse, chaos, depravity and decay.

Let's heal the ![±] Broken Wheel of Humanity disrupted with [-] Exclusivist [+] Campaigning, advancing a fair and ethical [±] State of Balance — lest we face the inevitable ![±] Reversion of Natural Balance, chasing us back to the [--+] Mountains of Infancy once again! If we can complete these primal cycles of being in the microcosm of our 1) Intellects, 2) Hearts and 3) Bodies, we reach the [+++] Stairway of Heaven leading to the [±] Kingdom of the Pristine Heart. We can then avert a vector where the ![---] Beast of the Earth is invoked from the [---] Womb of Nature to escalate the ![±] Broken Machinery of the ![-] Destructive ![8x] Octophasic Human Virus, leeching off nature's [-] Tender Roots and [+] Sap of Life.

≡ Integral Union: Leonardo's Golden Wheel of [±] Balance ≡
[+] Dynamis:, John the Baptist, effulgent and virile, a light in the darkness, enticing, infusing and pointing towards the sky. [-] Neutralis:, Mona Lisa, mysterious and still, a lady at the barren lands, offering a terrain to be filled with life from above. A dot of John's smile has landed on Mona Lisa's lips to spin the wheel of balance.

Here we are talking about the ![++] Big Picture of Anti-Good and the consolidation of power and control. The abuse of power is accompanied by the ![+-] Red Horrors of War and the massacre of the innocents, the ![-+] Dark Absence of Foresight with the greedy capitalizing on the lusty, and finally the ![--] Pale Corruption of Humanity — where the last shreds of decency and dignity flee from the ![++-] Polluted Well of the Human Soul, leaving but the filthy residue of a ![---] Hungry Ego and an ![-] Insatiable ![+++] Drive for ![-] Selfish ![+] Infatuation.

The unifier we seek is hardly found in a ![±] Corrupt Culture fueled by exchanges of [+] Lust and [-] Greed. An embrace of [±] Selfless Balance is the natural and true [±] Way of the World. While the world is lost in their endless conspiracy theories and apocalyptic prophecies awaiting a savior from above, seldom do we stop to consider what we can do ourselves to heal the world. What's our natural and beneficial role in the [±] Great Cycles of existence? Now there's a question worth pondering!

We live in an [±] Integrated World begging for a [±] Middle Way of Balance between the unhealthy extremes of ![+] Liberalism and ![-] Conservatism, as well as ![+] Capitalism and ![-] Communism, [+] Theism and [-] Atheism, the ![+] Rich and the ![-] Poor, [±] Love between [+] Us and our [-] Neighbors, and between the [+] Great Energy and the [---] Receptive Humanity.

This is an age of [±] Networks and [+++] Distributed Convergence of Wisdom. Therefore, the ![±] Wheel of Apocalypse, the [--] Unifying Messiah and the [++] Purifying Messiah are also collective, distributed phenomena — shared processes of holistic human evolution. The [--] Introspective Prophets of yore, carrying the [-] Peak of Logos in their hearts, exhorted us to follow them and become like them. Hallowing their names in vain and advancing a world of [+] Fervent Partisanship without [±] Healing Acts of Balance is nothing short of ![-] Disgraceful, ![--] Destructive and ![---] Misleading conduct in the name of [+] God and [++] Primal Goodness.

Either we get the point of the [±] Golden Balance, advancing fairness and goodwill in our respective frontiers, or we watch the human collective slide into the ![±] Dark Abyss of their self-created hell — only to emerge once again a bit wiser, whenever the civilization recovers from its fatal ![±] Ego-Rooted errors. Let's try and have enough [+] Heart and [-] Wisdom in [±] Good Proportion to avoid a chilling dip into the very pits of what humanity can accomplish at its worst.

= Forms of Wisdom: As Above, So Below =
Wisdom ships in many forms and packages, both Above and Below. Purge the superfluous particularity and distill the essence of wisdom to meet the actual archetypal realities underlying the many forms, names, abodes and natures of what we consider essential in human life.

Whatever our many labels and justifications for excessive polarization may be, as long as we seek to deprive or abuse each other in order to advance our selfish gain — or simply in heedless lack of wise consideration — the ideal of balance is never reached in them. Then, the mystic-messianic formula people are looking for is nothing more and nothing less than a fundamental understanding of a need for [±] Balance on the [7x] Seven Continents of our [+++] One Great World, and between the integral races and tribes of the [+++] One Humanity holding an incredible potential for a [++] Greater Good.

These are all nothing but the basic patterns that characterize the general human cognitive lifecycle, the cultural evolution of mankind, the prime forces of the material nature, the systemic symbolism in religion and mysticism, the yogic path of ascension and the tantric path of primal nature, the Abrahamic and Dharmic traditions of thought, the rise and fall of religions and ideologies, and a number of other psychological, historical and societal fields of interest. The basic cyclic polarities variably fill our bodies, hearts and minds with composites of force and calm as we enact our roles in the great drama of existence.

In the days long bygone, the Seven Sages in the Sky would exhort and pray, "Lead us from the [-] Darkness into [+] Light, from [-] Death to [+] Immortality, from our [-] Illusions into [+] Reality." Some millennia have passed since the dawn of our current cultures, and we have certainly already broken through layers and layers of our [---] Birth Nescience in reaching for the [+++] Fulfillment of Humanity. If we fail to keep our balance, our [+++] Stairway to Heaven degrades into a falling ![+++] Tower of Babel, with the entire [±] Wheel of Life ![±] Opposing and Resisting once again — thanks to our ![++] Narrow Perspective and ![-+] Lack of Foresight.

A freedom of choice for [±] Natural Balance has been placed into our bodies, our hearts, and our intellects. The world really doesn't have to be the way it is, strife with ![+] Quarrel and ![-] Malice. We can have our [+++] Integral Heaven in a [---] Fertile World, assuming we have the intelligence, the compassion and the practical means to enact a change for the better.

≡ Primal Symbolism: Word is the Way of the World to the Mirror
When the [-] Word and the [+] World swim together to the [±] Mirror, when the [+] Primal Stream becomes the [++] Prime Influence and transforms the self into a [+++] Fulfilled Being, when the [-] Primal Matrix is seen in [--] Deep Occultation and realized in the [---] Fabric of Nature, we reach a state of [±] Integral Balance.

The [±] Sphere of Balance is accessible in the human world through [-] Neutrality and [+] Progress. Yet too much [+] Dynamism leads to ![+] Chaos and not [+] Knowledge and Progress, and again too much [-] Neutralism leads to ![-] Ignorance instead of [-] Unification and Peace. The inevitable result of prolonged excess is a ![±] State of Pandemonium where polarities clash and where conflicts escalate. If you seek to advance [±] Balance, then always [+] Give more than you [-] Take. Do your share in advancing the ![±]->[±] polar shift from [++] Greed to Compassion, from [+-] Quarrel to Harmonization, from [-+] Envy to Sympathy, and from [--] Confusion to Equanimity.

The choice is [+] Actively Yours, [-] Passively Yours, and [±] Collectively Ours. The evils of the world are eliminated by canceling out the ![±] Primal Ego, discovering the [±] Pure Mirror of the Soul, and reflecting with a selfless heart and mind on the ways and means of establishing a natural balance of polarities across every field of human [+] Exploration, [±] Exchange and [-] Education. Mind you, that's a 555 formula there, in case you're screening the gematria for possible ![++] Unitarian Antichrists at this point.

You're on the [++] Good Guys and [--] Wise Women channel for a [±] Better World. In [±] Balance, you can sleep your [-] Nights in [-] Peace and spend your [+] Days in [+] Happiness, enjoying your [±] Freedom of Choice, rolling on from here into the [∞] Great Ever-After somewhere beyond. [+] God knows we [-] Humans could use more [--] Primal Knowledge these days!

Is our [---] Mother Earth not screaming at us from her [--+] Great Mountains, shaking us with her [+--] Thunders Above and Below, devouring us at her will with her [+-+] Primal Fire and her [-+-] Surging Abysmal Floods, laughing at our impudence from her [++-] Wells of Profundity filled with the [+++] Powers of Heaven? Don't provoke the [---] Good Old Lady old unless you're eager to meet the ![---] Gods of the Underworld and the ![++] Primal Fury of the Sky. The [-] Primal Mother knows the art of ![±]->![8x] Pest Control well enough, mastered over many [±] Bitter-Sweet Cycles of ![--] Destruction and [+] Regenesis.

The [5x] Prime Streams in the [--] Immersive [++] Sky are [±] Spinning [+] Progressively, and I wish [8x] Human Beings would learn to [-+-] Flow Naturally and [-++] Expand Gently in the [++] Global Perspective. Never forget the [++] Big Picture: [--] Introspect and [+++] Prevail!

The themes referenced here will be explored in detail at Systemic Spirituality (website due for update on 12/02/2011) through feature articles and with the help of illustrative and interactive tools. Stay tuned for more cryptic cosmology and several illustrative primers on the basic underlying thread of the Great Matrix. Yes, and please keep tabs on the latest news at Facebook and Twitter as well.


Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

On the apocalyptic formulae referenced in the text: They represent a very basic pattern of escalating conflicts. In the modern world, we have a situation where two strong extremes are becoming polarized and culminating at an alarming speed:

[+] Pro-Change & Freedom -> InfoWars, New Age, WikLeaks, Zeitgeist etc. |-> ![--] Dissatisfaction <-> ![---] Uprising

[-] Anti-Change & Order -> Corporations, Fundamentalists, Governments, Global Unions |-> ![++] Dominion <-> ![+++] Resistance

The only obvious and inevitable outcome with the above variables is an eventual clash of forces. Just like it has been with the [+] Liberals and the [-] Conservatives, with the [+] Democrats and the [-] Communists, and their many systems that have fallen on the ![-] Dark Side in their quest for ![++] Hording Power, ![+-] Use of Force, ![-+] Lack of Foresight, and ![--] Corruption-Degradation. These four forces are the scary Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding in the collective psyche of the world once again.

Whenever we look at the world with one eye only, we're bound to cause ![±] Imbalance. For [++] World Leaders, to have two eyes with a [+/-] Balanced Vision shouldn't be optional! When it becomes optional, the [---] World eventually slides down to the ![---] Bowels of Hell. Possibly on more levels than one, depending on the level of !![±] Escalated Imbalance our [+] Selfish One-Eyed approach ![-] Blindness to Others has caused. Whoever is in charge, if good balance is not established, things degrade and lead ![---] Down South until a new [+++] Integral Humanity emerges.

There is however a [±] Third Way, obvious enough but impossible without forfeiting the egoist drive. Whenever one side seeks to prevail over the other, it goes down the drain of escalating friction and destruction. As is clear from the above, these are both essentially one-eyed approaches. The [+] Hope of Religion and the [-] Proof of Science need not battle — we are all seeking a [±] Fundamental Balance in the [---] Fabric of Nature and as [+++] Integral Beings, and [+] Agree on a on much more than we ![-] Disagree, and on a [∞0] Very Fundamental Level at that.

What we are direly in need of is a unified world living with both eyes in tandem: [±] A Way of Balance. A healthy golden median where the two opposites not only agree to disagree — that'd be ![±] False Balance and ![-] Hypocrisy. We need to [±] Synthesize systems to help them see their common aims. Without this, the imbalance of powers will lead to ![++] Domination, ![+-] Violence, ![-+] Deprivation and ![--] Decay all over again. Let's not escalate the process of polarization by ![--+] Zealous ![---] Marginalization of any one of the integral components in the [++] Great Human Equation. Not before doing our very best to find a [±] Way of Synthesis in reconciling our endless but often very fundamentally pointless disagreements!

The drive to ![++] Domination is the Anti-Good, and a [+] Drive for a [++] Big Picture representing [±] Holistic Interests is an absolute necessity, as both the society and the planet itself are on a brink of escalation. We need a balanced system where [+] Progress and [-] Stability work [±] In Unison, and where [+] Hope and [-] Knowledge join in [±] Balance to support the [++] Big Human Picture and the [--] Base Matrix of Nature. This takes [--] Introspection and [-+] Foresight, you need to have your polarities balanced to effect sustainable change without unnecessary friction.

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

This text is close enough to the "source stream" or source code behind the unifying models I've been working with. It takes the Wisdom Singularity Model for a thorough spin, mapping the basic patterns and polarities high and low. I can assure you it makes sense if you follow it, and the equations underlying the sentences even out as simple derivative causal chains of colliding and combining archetypes in four tiers. It's simpler than it sounds when I put it that way!

I am using and applying "Balanced Polarity Tree" / "8x Human Life-Cycle" system as a basis for online communication strategy, semantic databases, relational wisdom indexing, reconciliation of religious formulations, etc. It is also currently being modeled by a few fellow journeymen and ladies into an OCP model for organizational change lifecycles, etc. Something like the Adizes Corporate Lifecycle Model in principle, but a great deal more universal in its scope.

This is, after all, supposed to be a singularity formula... 84210∞ or 2^3->2^2->2^1->∞. First the basics please, and then we can deal with the clutter that's causing all the friction! =))

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

And one more of these snippets that are floating around...


Each archetypal polarity is [N] Neutral, [+] Positive or [-] Negative. In this text, negatives are expressed with a preceding !Exclamation. Those reverse-spinning components are where you can start looking for the problem factors in the [++] Big Picture of humanity.

Just like you have [-] Electrons, [N] Electron Neutrinos, and [+] Positrons, etc., all base archetypes come in pairs and with a neutral median. Therefore you have [---] Earth as giving both |[-] Security and ![-] Fear, and the converging power of [+++] Heaven yielding both |[+] Creation and |[+] Benevolence, and on the other hand ![+] Dominion and ![+] Cataclysm. Everything comes in pairs and holds a zero baseline, just like you have the fulfilling [∞0] Zero-One Objective at the top, with [+] Dynamis and [-] Neutralis on the [±] Throne of Balance. In the Wisdom Model, "As Above So Below" applies on all three tiers of the tree / pyramid / wheel, namely the [012x] Existential Primes, the [4x] Fundamental Influences, and the [8x] Archetypal States.

Healthy Dynamis has an eye of Neutralis and vice versa, and that's why [+] Dynamis/Dynamic yields both |[+] Creation and ![+] Dominion, and |[+] Inspiration and ![+] Chaos, with the negative occurring when the "Eye of Neutralis" begins to pull. Conversely, [-] Neutralis yields both |[-] Stability and ![-] Destruction, as well as |[-] Conceptual Logos and ![-] Depressive Lethargy. This is where the cruciality of the [±] Balance Factor comes in.

Contrasting polarities or clashing potentials need to be reconciled to ensure healthy life-cycles. The more [-+´] Foresight we have, the less problems we will have with ![+-] Negative Causality. If we have a ![++] Narrow Picture, we need [--] Introspection to complement, and if we suffer from ![--] Destructive Lethargy, we need to return to the [++] Big Picture. And so on. They do add up beyond dispute, as it's a simple mechanistic formula of causal interrelations and influences.

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

You can find some of my working notes for your perusal here: --- primarily mappings of spiritual / religious / alternative models at this point --- I am yet to bite into Jung's archetypes and a number of other modern systems which also correlate quite gracefully. (Watch for a particle physics piece -- Quarks and Leptons are lined up and ready for action!)

These fields of thought simply all need to be refined and unified, by tracking the common denominators and abstracting the essential human need driving them. That is the only possible foundation for balance across polarized and conflicting fields of ideology and thought. I am working all of this into primers, and will have a new SySpir website out on the 12th with some useful online modeling tools hooked up with the "perennial archives".

As you can see there's still a lot of stuff to this that has been barely scratched on the surface. Over the past three weeks or so, I have been digesting several new layers of this derivative continuum of the basics of balance. At this point, I have a head streaming full of cyclic and contrast correlations across diverse arts, sciences and ideologies, and am hoping I could just work with all this as my prime engagement. It certainly is important enough to merit that.

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

What's the [++] Big Picture for a Christian? The [++] Big Picture is the next best thing after [+] Elohim / Pneuma and followed by [+++] Integral Son of Man. You expect it to emerge from the [+] High Heaven to the [++] Clouds Above and come to [---] Earth in a [+++] Blaze of Glory to battle the ![---] Beast of Earth and the ![++] Anti-Good with their henchmen.

Please refer to the Abrahamic correlation sheet for more context. You'll get the complete Book of Revelation and Sayings of the Prophet overview of all this as soon as I get around to writing it. In the meantime, see here for related notes as well.

Let me fill in a few more of these Abrahamic correlations here:

|[-] Healthy Neutralis = Wisdom = Principle Element
![-] Negative Neutralis = Fear = Root of Wisdom

On the other side of the [+/-] Throne of God, you have:

|[+] Healthy Dynamis = Benevolent God
![+] Negative Dynamis = Destructive God

The [+/-] Throne is in your [-+-] Balanced Heart, the ![+/-] Martyrs under the throne are crying for vengeance, the [+++] Sea of Crystals and the [7x] Torches / Churches / etc. are before it, and the [4x] Primal Beings who influence with six wings, which are thethe [8x] Trigram Principal States and the [8x] Junctions of Human Cognitive Life-cycle.

The ![---] Infatuation of Matter, promoted by the ![--] False Prophet or the Pale Horseman of Decay and Death, is what we need to uproot from our hearts and [+++] Die in the Light of Christ to [++] Go to Heaven where [+] Father and [-] Son rule [+/-] Side by Side. The [∞0] Holy Spirit is the Uncreated Light of God in which the whole upper echelon basks, and it dripples down to earth in [8x] forms, hiding in plain sight from those without the eyes to see.

The symbolism and causality of the Book of Revelation is very systemic and derives from the same primal [-] Word or Causal Matrix as the wisdom of the other Ancients the world around, from China to India to the Meso-Americas. People have contemplated on Light and Darkness since the dawn of time, giving their God and Son an abundance of forms and names. This is simply knowledge of the primal underlying patterns in the world, accessible in the domain of [--] Introspective Occultation.

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

Wise and holistic balance always prevails in the end, because good guys have two eyes and come from two flanks, while the bad guys distribute their power in the mid-range in an effort to hold their positions of power. Equates.

[∞0] -> [±] = { |[+] -> |[++] -> |[+++] } + { |[-] -> |[--] -> |[---] }
> ![±] = { ![+] -> { ![++] & ![+-] & ![-+...] & ![--] -> ![---] }
.: ![---] -> ![++-] .: [±].

For an interpretation of the formulae, please study the Wisdom Singularity Model or follow SySpir on Facebook.


With an eye of Yin, Yang is Creative and Benevolent. Without it, Yang leads to Dominion and Chaos. With an eye of Yang, Yin is Stabilizing and Supportive. Without it, Yin leads to Decay and Entropy.

Then, always live and think with two eyes open, and you will live in the perennial good of balance. We've had enough one-eyed false messiahs in the world by now to keep bowing for some more! All they ever bring us is control, war, deprivation and degradation when all is said and done.

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

Sail [+] Sons and [-] Daughters of [--+] Great Pyramid to the [-+-] Nile of Natural Awareness; Sail through the ![++-] Stormy Lakes of [±] Conscience! First [+--] Rattling the Base and [+-+] Purifying Fire, then [--+] Placing Wisdom at Peak, then [-++] Gently Spreading with Winds, and you're [+++] Ripe for [++] Heaven's Flow and the [+] Free [-+-] Streams of [±] Life. Don't ![--] Stray in ![+] Selfish ![++] Partisanship. Bring us a [+++] Potent [---] Land of [±] Natural Balance!

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

It is like this... Said Iam Thatiam Once for All!

╠══════► ∞ ♥ ∞ [ONE-LOVE]
╠═════► ∞ ☯ ∞ — ☺|☻ ═► [Quantum-Bipolar-Bliss]
╠════► ☺☺|☺☻|☻☺|☻☻ ═► [Solar-Lunar-Binary]
╠═══► ☺☺☺|☺☺☻|☺☻☺|☺☻☻ [Solar-Ternary]
╠══► ☻☺☺|☻☺☻|☻☻☺|☻☻☻ ═► [Lunar-Ternary]
╠═ ◄ ≡ ☺ ≡ ☯ ≡ ☻ ≡ ► ═╣ [ Mirror World = Above & Outside ]
╠═══ ∞ ♥ ∞ ☯ ∞ ♥ ∞ ═══╣ ALL-AS-ONE: ONE-LOVE-AXIS!
╠═ ◄ ≡ ☻ ≡ ☯ ≡ ☺ ≡ ► ═╣ [ Mirror Brain = Below & Inside ]
╠══► ☺☻☻|☺☻☺|☺☺☻|☺☺☺ ═► [Solar-Ternary]
╠═══► ☻☻☻|☻☻☺|☻☺☻|☻☺☺ [Lunar-Ternary]
╠════► ☻☻|☻☺|☺☻|☺☺ ═► [Lunar-Solar-Binary]
╠═════► ∞ ☯ ∞ — ☻|☺ ═► [Bipolar-Quantum-Bliss]
╠══════► ∞ ♥ ∞ [ONE-LOVE]

@@@ IN-YOUR-TUBES: Wisdom Matrix ≡ Sahasrara Celestial Lifecycle Harvester

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