Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sphinx of Heaven and the Soulless Soul-Seeker

The Sphinx of Heaven halted a Soulless Soul-Seeker, addressing the knocker at the Gates of Infinity with the following words:

"I am known to you. Before the beginning, I was without a center. When I was still, I became the word. When I moved, I became the world. At my birth, I grew two great limbs and danced in harmonic joy. In my youth, I grew four limbs that fell out of balance. As I matured, I grew eight limbs that became entangled in themselves. Who am I?"

As the mysteries of being are simultaneously simple and complex, they should be sought for both directly and indirectly, at all times and in between times. Therefore, the Sphinx of Heaven first posited the question in its essential form, and then continued with the mysterious perspectives of the human collective, singing the same hymns to the same primal tune in the scattered symbols and expressions of the world.

Seeker, halt! Hear these Four Primal Mysteries from the Sphinx of Heaven —
Zero-One, Two-in-One, Two-of-One, Four and Eight, One in Many and Many in One.

"I am known to you from before the beginning of time. I sought for my center, and I became the Axis for Two-in-One. I sought to integrate, and I became Immanence. I sought to spin, and I became the Golden Wheel. I sought to adore myself, and I became the Mirror. I sought to live, and I became the Experience. I sought to measure myself, and I became the Pi.

"I sought to expand, and I became the Great Explosion. I sought to travel, and I became the Way. I sought to bond in union, and I became Love. I sought to fragment myself, and I became the Ego. I sought to unite myself, and I became the Cosmic Mind. I sought to connect, and I became the Covenant. I sought to nourish, and I became the Tree of Life.

"I sought for distance, and I became the Two-of-One. I sought to see the unseen, and I became the Light and the Darkness. I sought for space to fill, and I placed myself Above and Below. I sought for a caleidoscope, and I became the Chaos and the Logos. I sought to interact and procreate, and I became the God and the Goddess. I sought to write, and I became the Alpha and the Omega.

"I sought to live forever, and I became the Father and the Son. I sought to care forever, and I became the Mother and the Daughter. I sought to love forever, and I became the Man and the Woman. I sought for balance, and I gave the Man a Woman's eye, and the Woman a Man's eye. I sought for ignorance, and I became the Doubt and the Confusion. I sought for argument, and I became the Premise and the Objection. I sought for truth, and I became the Question and the Answer.

"I sought for direction, and I became the Two-and-Two-in-Four. I sought to culminate my rotation, and I became the Sacred Square. I sought for room to move, and I became the Four Directions. I sought to conquer time and space, and I became the Four Wisdom Powers. I sought for universal force, and I became the Four Fundamental Interactions. I sought for endless variety, and I became the Four Seasons. I sought for finity, and I became Birth, Growth, Maturity and Decay. I sought for infinity, and I became the Four Immeasurable Virtues. I sought for enlightenment, and I became the Four Cardinal Wisdoms.

"I sought to experience threefold, and I became Two-as-Three-in-Eight. I sought for room to expand, and I became the Eight Directions. I sought to express the great matrix, and I became the Arachne to weave. I beheld the darkness, and lit the worlds with the Seven Torches and a Sea of Crystal. I sought to orbit my transforming power, and I became the Eight Planets. I sought to behold the vastness of my domain, and I soared as eight groups of Arch-Angels. I sought to feel my own fabric, and I became the Eight Emotional Essences.

"I sought to tangle my eightfold web, and I became Corrupted Spirit and the Seven Deadly Sins. I sought for my own nature, and I became Divine Zeal and the Seven Cardinal Virtues. I sought for synergy, and I became the Son of Man and the Seven Churches of my congregation. I sought for focus and power, and I became the Kundalini with her Seven Energy Wheels. I sought for good direction, and I became the blueprint for the Noble Eightfold Path.

"I sought to expand the spread of my infinite splendor, and I became the Heavenly Hub with Seven Rays, teaching as One across the Seven Worlds of beings. I sought to display the primal rainbow of my being, and I spread as the Five Great Rays above the highest heaven. Four great rays shine in my higher domain, the fifth a conduit to my lower abodes. Since beginningless time, countless beings of splendor have ascended the Five Great Stairs in bodies of luminous essence, passing through Two Blazing Eyes into the ultimate spirit of my being.

"At the seat of the Thirteen Cosmic Rays, I rest forever at the heart of the Wheel of Balance. Still I am not there, nor I do revel in the world derived of myself. I am not that which was before, nor am I that which was not before. Some think of me as Paradox, some seek for me as Wisdom, some pray for me as God, some resolve in me as Dissolution, some analyze me as Singularity. These labels are my trail and reflections, seen from across the great and endless abyss I have dug — but they are not me, nor am I of them, nor do I bond with them, for my nature is unbound by definition."

Seeker, halt! Answer these Four Primal Questions from the Sphinx of Heaven —
The Four Answers and the Four Cardinal Cycles in the Quest for Eight and Zero-One.

"Who am I? Where am I? Where are you? Who are you? Answer these questions from the Sphinx of Heaven to gain your passage beyond. Submit the four essential answers, cross the four cardinal cycles, join the Sphinx of Heaven on the path, enter past the gates of Unknown Mystery. Fail the four essential answers, revolve in the four cardinal cycles, battle the Sphinx of Heaven at the threshold, wander in the matrix of Unknown Mysteries.

"Solve the riddle and you may drink of the stream of Infinite Wisdom. In the great beyond, find the Primal Fountain in the Ancient Cave. The fountain and the cave sing and echo my nameless name, their melodies soothe my soulless soul, their environment beautifies my faceless face, and their end is the end of your endless questions. Pass the riddle now, or pass it later as you may: I and the Sphinx of Heaven are indifferent to the natural flux of human desire. Those who know me shall freely come and pass; and those who know me not shall return to their class.

"The tangled web of Unknown Mystery is my labyrinth of confusion. Wander around and grow younger to better learn its ways. Forgetting how to read and hear the perplexed words of many human minds, you will behold the natural patterns of my maze. Ripe and simple thoughts of child-like pristinity can forge a mighty key of wisdom, opening the riddle of the Sphinx of Heaven and I. Unripe and complex thoughts of weary, tangled souls expand the fabric of a self-sustained labyrinth, enmeshing the enmeshed still deeper in the mire of their own design.

"Mold well your Inner Key of Heart and Thoughts to enter the Boundless Mysteries of I who am that I am, and who am not that I am — for I am neither the I am, nor that which is that, nor that which is not the I am. I am that I am not I am. Entering me, you will see how you are that you are, how you are not that you are, and how you are not the knowledge of being or not being of I, or that, or you. I am not you, nor are you I, for my primal nature is not a domain for I and you. Who are we? Where is who? Answer to pass the gate."


Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

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Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

Thank you for the kind thoughts Servant Emmanuel, and please do let me know what that point is. I will then revise or recontextualize for you as necessary, I don't like disagreements in the event none need to exist with adequate clarification.

aaltoiz said...

This text definetly feeds the wisdom in me. I'm pretty certain what I'm gonna answer to the sphinx when the time is ripe for that matter :)
Great, great, great writing, it's guite tingling to tease the arriving to the stairway because the way is guite funny as I often forget. And then again reconnect. So it's just a matter.. of.. time and effort in it.

Agnostic No-Stick Pan said...

Much too focused on sex ;-)

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

It is like this... Said Iam Thatiam Once for All!

╠══════► ∞ ♥ ∞ [ONE-LOVE]
╠═════► ∞ ☯ ∞ — ☺|☻ ═► [Quantum-Bipolar-Bliss]
╠════► ☺☺|☺☻|☻☺|☻☻ ═► [Solar-Lunar-Binary]
╠═══► ☺☺☺|☺☺☻|☺☻☺|☺☻☻ [Solar-Ternary]
╠══► ☻☺☺|☻☺☻|☻☻☺|☻☻☻ ═► [Lunar-Ternary]
╠═ ◄ ≡ ☺ ≡ ☯ ≡ ☻ ≡ ► ═╣ [ Mirror World = Above & Outside ]
╠═══ ∞ ♥ ∞ ☯ ∞ ♥ ∞ ═══╣ ALL-AS-ONE: ONE-LOVE-AXIS!
╠═ ◄ ≡ ☻ ≡ ☯ ≡ ☺ ≡ ► ═╣ [ Mirror Brain = Below & Inside ]
╠══► ☺☻☻|☺☻☺|☺☺☻|☺☺☺ ═► [Solar-Ternary]
╠═══► ☻☻☻|☻☻☺|☻☺☻|☻☺☺ [Lunar-Ternary]
╠════► ☻☻|☻☺|☺☻|☺☺ ═► [Lunar-Solar-Binary]
╠═════► ∞ ☯ ∞ — ☻|☺ ═► [Bipolar-Quantum-Bliss]
╠══════► ∞ ♥ ∞ [ONE-LOVE]

@@@ IN-YOUR-TUBES: Wisdom Matrix ≡ Sahasrara Celestial Lifecycle Harvester

Anonymous said...

i think the answer would be i am nothing but complex patterns. Patterns to unlocking my awareness. For whatever i do and whatever my ancestors and future ancestors will and have done are just patterns that have i have the key to awakening the awakened awareness within.

WHo are we?? whatever you want me to be! (conciousness)
Where is who?? there is no who and there is no where there is whatever you want to be where and who!!

For in the end of things whenever you finally know who or where.. Then you are lost within your ego and perception of things.

I am where i want to be. i am where i need to be. I am on any planet, dimension i say i am. It just takes conciousness to get there.

Mr. Ananda ∴ μ α ω λ said...

— For a visual 3D overview of these elementary fields of polarized awareness, please see "≡ The Twelve Seers: Festival of the Seers ≡ for a sampler. Then enter your own house of awareness and rotate the rooms to match your environment in balance. Easy! :)

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