Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bahrain: Broken People Unite, Nation Heals United

This is an emblem of goodwill, revolution and healing for the struggling people of Bahrain calling for a change. Whether you're edgy or flowing, red or white, or somewhere in between — convergence and unity between hearts and minds is our saving grace. This unity is not the result of scheming partisan syndicates; it's a union born of a natural and self-evident understanding for a need to change the degenerate downhill course of the world, and it transcends race, gender and religious denomination.

Nations exist for the collective happiness, freedom, health and peace of their people. None of these are optional in a sustainable nation. When one or more of them are compromised or forsaken in the name of private agendas and abusive master-plans, it's only a question of time before the line is crossed and the natural wheel of balance turns to the dark side. When the wheel of balance and the spirit of unity are broken, hearts are broken, intellects are broken, and ultimately bodies are broken as well.

An ego-rooted selfish base agenda is a certain recipe for degeneration and chaos; and it takes no Nostradamus to foresee the eventual yet inevitable results of greed, hypocrisy, abuse and insatiable lust for wealth, power and prestige. It is my sincere hope that the people who now protest and make the voice of the people known, working tirelessly in reforming or over-throwing corrupt governments, will have the wisdom to pave way for a better world for all as the dust gradually settles.

A revolution that leads to a new elite and a new divisive scheme is no revolution at all; it's simply a bloody re-run of a worn-out episode of collective devolution. Aim for a true revolution, a revolution that leads to a fundamental balancing shift in the attitudes that guide and govern our societies! We need a culture of transparency, a verifiably impartial government that serves the collective interests of the people as its sole and prime agenda; just as an employee serves his good employer and a devotee serves his benevolent god, so too governments should tirelessly serve the interests of all their people.

There is no nation independent of its people — and rulers the world around would do well to bear this in mind. More power to everyone dedicated to turning the wheels of healing change!

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