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≡ Message from the Man in the Moon ≡

≡ Message from the Man in the Moon ≡

People throughout the ages have seen faces and bodies of people and animals on the Moon. For all the imaginative ink-blot tests I've taken over the years, I can't seem to seamlessly tune in with the assembly of beings spotted in the spots. Here's what I glean from the Moon at the end of the day: the Moon is essentially a face of perennial balance.

The face of the Man in the Moon has a balanced divide of deep lunar "seas" and elevated areas. There are two craters: [-] Copernicus on the dark side and [+] Tycho on the bright side. At the bottom, you have the round mouth of Mare Crisium or "Sea of Crises", shouting for a [∞0] time-out and a sense of [±] balance and reconciliation amidst our escalating contrasts and conflicts.

Then, follow the Man in the Moon and seek a healthy way of balance between the extremes of black and white, death and life, deprivation and excess, left and right, self and others, women and men, society and environment, and whatever other bones of contention are tearing our planet apart at its seams. Moon is a planet representing primal logos and cyclic order in the human world. Let's follow the Moon and reflect in introspection on its perennial message.

The Man in the Moon is looming up there, patiently spreading the soothing rays of peace and well-being for all — that is, for all who choose to open their eyes to the obvious and natural truths of balance in the sky above and the world below. For all we know, it might be a Lady in the Moon instead; or a rabbit or a dragon or a white elephant. Either way, the basic elements of harmony are screaming at us from the heavens loud and clear — time for a total ±Balance Recall!!

≈≈≈ ≡☺≡ | ≡☯≡ | ≡☻≡ ≈≈≈

♫ ≈||≡ [-] Shelter the Balance ► [±] Embrace the Balance
◄ [+] Nourish the Balance ≡||≈ ♫

♫ ≈||≡  Oṁ Śānti All-Āḥ Padme Hūṁ ♫ ≈||≡

♫ ≈||≡ Alpha Om Mani Padme Hum ¶ Shal'Om Tat Sat What
¶ I Am That Tvami Asi That I Am ≡||≈ ♫

◄ ≡ ☺ ≡ ☯ ≡ ☻ ≡ ►

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